The Best Winter Beers in Denver: 2019.

Ever heard of winter Ale? Of course, you have! Winter ales are especially popular this time of year as they highlight all the delicious flavors of the winter season.

But what makes a winter ale a winter ale? Winter ales, or winter beers as they’re called, are seasonal brews spiced with yummy winter flavors like cinnamon, orange peel, cloves, and vanilla.

Winter beers are often strong. The style dates back over a thousand years to the Vikings who brewed rich, spiced, ale in the colder months. Later, the tradition spread across Europe to countries like Germany, France, England, and Belgium, each of which developed a new take on this seasonal specialty.

Drinkers enjoy winter beers for their full body and deep flavor. At Satire, we offer several delicious brews with seasonal flare.



Malty, rich, and amber. Bigger for the fall season. You can almost hear the sound beep… beep… beep. Named by my youngest daughter whose name is not Amber.



A Belgian Trippel style ale and as rare as a triple play in baseball. Notes of caramel, candy, and fruit. Approved by MLB.



Creamy smooth roasted stout with a splash of spice coffee. No doughnuts. A toast (get it… read on) to our mortuary neighbors to the west who also have a crematorium (thus the roast).



Smooth chocolate, mint and coffee stout. Named because it is the first beer in the Colorado currency system of trading beer for goods and services. Simply take a growler to your favorite store and let us know how it goes. Bitcoin is a fad, beer is here to stay. Trade you this beer for your car, or $8.



Mahogany color, semisweet and loaded with six hops and a finishing whammy of Citra and Simcoe. Legend has it there have been several sightings of a Big Minocha in Colorado and even more along the plains of Kansas. Rarely seen but have an unquenchable thirst for good IPAs.



It’s Jack of the lantern season, real pumpkin spice, luscious and dark. May inspire you to do things like you use to do with the heartthrob poster as a youth. Please keep your hands above the table while drinking and do not lock the bathroom door. Self-indulgence at its best.


Satire offers a unique and ever-changing selection of craft microbrews, plus a delicious menu of small plates and appetizers. Visit us this holiday season for the best winter beers in Denver. We’re open Tuesday through Sunday, afternoons and evenings. For complete menu*, read Hand-crafted Micro-brew in Denver: A Menu.

*Menu subject to change, sometimes daily.