Denver Brew Pub Satire Brewing Company

3-17-2020 Coronavirus Update: Satire Brewing Company is open for business. Our hours are listed on this website. Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, we can only fulfill pick up orders at the moment. Call (720) 275-0667 to pick up our tasty beer growlers & one of kind scratch made appetizers. Who says you can’t take the party home with you? If you do, invite us!

Looking for a unique brewpub in Denver? Satire Brewing Company is Denver’s newest small-batch creative beer brewery. We picked the name Satire Brewing Company because satire represents humor and fun. Our brewpub is 4,000 square feet, with a small intimate “old world” beer tasting room. We have a large outdoor patio, with a nearby creek. Our beer garden is a real “garden” with lots of vegetation and pretty flowers. Relax and enjoy nature as you sip our unique custom beer flavors. Satire Brewing Company features several styles of beer, from light to dark, low alcohol to high alcohol, hoppy to malty. Please call (720) 275-0667 for our current beer menu.

Our beer is “no rules brewing” and “highly handcrafted.” Flavors incorporate different grains, water, yeast, hops, spices, woods, and fruits as well as different brewing techniques. We are a true nano-brewery starting out on a small 3 barrel system. No limits no rules. Just brewing however we like, and beers our customers want! We also offer a tasty food menu from locally sourced ingredients and recipes.

Beer Menu

We Care About Our Local Community!

10% of Satire Brewing Co’s total sales is donated to a local charity. We have fun calling it “drinking to make a difference.” Customers love it. We call it our Godworks ministry! Where else can you drink and donate at the same time?