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Satire Brewing Company is currently open for INDOOR dining (25% capacity limit), outdoor dining, food & beer pickup orders, and delivery. We have a huge outdoor HEATED patio, and plenty of space to spread out safely. Call (720) 275-0667 for beer/food pickup & delivery. Get your gift certificate now!

Looking for a cool Denver brewery near you that also has food? Satire Brewing Company’s Denver brewery menu features light and tasty appetizers plus locally-sourced sausages and meats, for customers to enjoy. In Europe, it is common to have a beer and small bites at every bar you visit. However, we just want you to drink our beer and eat with us. Is that so wrong? Our handcrafted food dishes are small, made with local ingredients, and perfect for sharing. We choose our foods to pair excellently with our beer.

The food side is of our business is called “The Loaded Squirrel.” A name our youngest daughter thought of because she envisioned a fat squirrel eating nuts. Virtually everyone we have talked to thought it was very funny. Especially her dad. Check out our sample food menus here.

Satire Suds

*Please call (720) 275-0667 for our current beer menu.The beers shown below are for sample purposes only. Some beers shown below may, or may not, be on the beer menu when you visit us. We specialize in NEW beers every single month. Stop in and see what we have brewing just for you!


Yellow, clean, smooth and easy. Looks like pee in a glass but normally will taste less warm and salty. As exhilarating on a hot day as when you relieved yourself after the long car ride with the idiot that wouldn’t pull over. But it’s not summer. No duh!

5.24% | $6.00



Malty, rich amber ale. Bigger for the fall season. You can almost hear the sound beep… beep… beep. Named by my youngest daughter whose name is not Amber.

7.8% | $7.00



Fermented with internal yeast taken from a local email prairie dog… NOT! Gross! Named after the classic Caddyshack movie comments from Bill Murray, “I smell varmint poontang”. Tart amber with light chocolate nuance.

4.7% | $6.00



Strange hefeweizen-like ale, rich English malts with German yeast (banana notes, aka monkey). Works together like England and Germany in WWII… uh, never mind. Blends together in contradictory fashion to make an interesting ale.

6% | $6.00



Pale, crisp, thirst quencher. Designed to be different! Dedicated to the hard-working farmers of America with a mix of 5 grains.

4.8% | $7.00



Creamy smooth roasted stout with a splash of spice coffee. No doughnuts. A toast (get it… read on) to our mortuary neighbors to the west who also have a crematorium (thus the roast).

6.3% | $8.00


Authentic American made German lager with a Norwegian spelling. A sweet, soft pioneer. We can’t wait for you to taste our Sweet Peder!

4.7% | $6.00



Double IPA with fresh toasted coconut. On the show coconuts were abundant. Long time debate who was the hottest Ginger? Maryanne? The Professor? Mrs. Howell, the old cougar?

9.17% | $8.00



Dark, sleek and smooth. Goes down all too easy and, just like black ice on the road, it can get you going sideways in a hurry. Not that we know. Just heard.

6% | $6.00



A rare torosaurus nicknamed “Tiny” was found in Thornton, 66 million years old, a cousin to triceratops. We made this IPS with three main hops to represent the three horns. Could make you horny… ha ha dino humor.

6.55% | $7.00



A Belgian Trippel style ale. As rare as a triple play is in baseball. Lingering notes of caramel, candy and fruit. Approved by MLB.

10.48% | $9.00



Local wildflower honey combined with a yeast from Dusseldorf (so Du). Just let your partner know you are busy doing “Honey Du’s”. They will be very excited… for awhile.

6.8% | $7.00

Newester Releases


Easy sour taste made with sunflower seeds. Sour is created by chewing on seeds and spitting into the tank. JUST KIDDING! Makes you think go the stands at the little league game… what a mess.

5.5% | $7.00


Refreshing toasted corn taste in a light golden ale, a popular style of beer in the late 1800’s for hard working farm hands after a long day of work… as far as you know.

5.5% | $6.00



It’s Jack of the lantern season, real pumpkin spice, luscious and dark. May inspire you to do things like you use to do with the heartthrob poster as a youth. Please keep your hands above the table while drinking and do not lock the bathroom door. Self indulgence at its best.

10.48% | $9.00



Mahogany color, semisweet and loaded with six hops and a finishing whammy of Citra and Simcoe. Legend has it there have been several sightings of a Big Minocha in Colorado and even more along the plains of Kansas. Rarely seen but have an unquenchable thirst for good IPAs.

8.38% | $8.00


Juicy, sweet raspberry ale. Named after a raccoon in our backyard. Coming this winter, our bigger version of Raspberry Raccoon on Roids.

5.5% | $8.00



Peach cream ale. Plethora of Palisade peaches added to make soft and pleasing. Named after the classic Glen Campbell song. My wife though the name was stupid so, like any good, stubborn as a mule husband would do, I kept the name.

5.5% | $8.00



For your pleasure we bring you a DILL loaded pickle beer. Perfect for when you’re not in the mood for the same old thing. Liven things up with a Dilldo! Big Dilldo Imperial Pickle Beer coming this winter.

5% | $7.00



Smooth chocolate, mint and coffee stout. Named because it is the first beer in the Colorado currency system of trading beer for goods and services. Simply take a growler to your favorite store and let us know how it goes. Bitcoin is a fad, beer is here to stay. Trade you this beer for your car, or $8.

7.2% | $8.00

Also available, Cider, Red Wine, and White Wine.

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