Best Breweries In Denver!

Satire Brewing Company is one of the best small breweries in Denver. Satire features “highly handcrafted beers” with unique grains, water, yeast, hops, spices, woods, and fruits. Satire Brewing Company offers several styles from light to dark, low alcohol to high alcohol, hoppy to malty. Our beers change frequently. Sometimes by the day! We are a true nano-brewery, having started with just a small 3 barrel system. No limits no rules! Just brewing what we like, and brewing what customers want. Our beer menu changes frequently. Call (720) 275-0667 for the latest beer offerings.

At Satire Brewery, we’re always experimenting with new flavors. We offer our customers free samples of beer until they find what they like. Plus, we use large glasses for tasting, not some little shot glass. Our mission is to make high-quality beer and provide a fun environment for everyone to enjoy. We also offer a locally sourced food menu.

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