Thornton Brew Pub- Beer Menus

Looking for a cool Thornton brewery near you that also has food? Satire Brewing Company’s Denver brewery menu features light and tasty appetizers plus locally-sourced sausages and meats, for customers to enjoy. In Europe, it is common to have a beer and small bites at every bar you visit. However, we just want you to drink our beer and eat with us. Is that so wrong? Our handcrafted food dishes are small, made with local ingredients, and perfect for sharing. We choose our foods to pair excellently with our beer.

The food side is of our business is called “The Loaded Squirrel.” A name our youngest daughter thought of because she envisioned a fat squirrel eating nuts. Virtually everyone we have talked to thought it was very funny. Especially her dad. Check out our sample food menus here.

Satire Current Beer Menu

 We specialize in NEW beers every single month. Please call (720) 275-0667 for our up-to-the-minute beer menu. 

Also available, Cider, Red Wine, and White Wine.

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