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Satire Brewing Company is famous for its unique hand-crafted beers. We make a lot of different types of beer. However, we understand not everyone is perfect, and some folks like other beverages besides beer. We also offer a good selection of wine, ciders, seltzers, local bourbons, and craft cocktails. Our latest cocktail is Blackberry Bush, blackberry, mint, and bourbon. The blackberries are so fresh it’s like we just picked them straight from the bush and blended them in your drink, thus the name. This Bush is wild and thick and gives you a wildly delicious taste. 

Our Loaded Squirrel Kitchen features light and tasty appetizers, with locally sourced sausages, meats, cheeses, and sauces. In Europe, it is common to have a beer and small bites at every bar you visit. Our tasty food dishes are perfect for sharing. We choose our food ingredients to pair well with our beers and other drinks.


Current Beer & Drink Menu

 We specialize in new beers and craft cocktails each month. Please call (720) 275-0667 for our up-to-the-minute beer and drink menu. 

We also have craft cocktails, seltzers, and wines.

Our Creative and Unique Beers!

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