Look no further for the best handcrafted beer in Denver. At Satire Brewing, we expertly craft all our beers in small batches, to ensure each is infused with robust body and flavor.


What sets our Denver brewpub apart?

1. Co-owner, Todd Waufle, is a passionate brewer. Before Satire, he brewed small-batch beer in his garage and backyard for over seven years. With little formal training to hold him back, Todd doesn’t let anything get in the way of a new idea for a great beer.

2. Satire Brewing Company is a nano-brewery that started with a simple three-barrel system. Not much has changed. Every brew is exquisitely crafted with superior attention to detail (which results in a better-tasting ale). Beer menus change regularly, as the team loves to experiment with new ingredients and flavors.

3. All handcrafted beers are made with unique grains, yeast, hops, spices, wood, and fruit. There are several styles to choose from, light to dark, low to high alcohol, hoppy to malty.

4. Satire encourages customers to taste until they find a beer they love. Samples are served in traditional pint glasses, not small flutes, for an authentic tasting experience.

5. In addition to an eclectic beer menu, Satire offers an incredible selection of homemade (with locally-sourced ingredients) finger-foods and appetizers. The culinary side is of the business is called “The Loaded Squirrel,” a name Todd’s daughter coined when she saw a fat squirrel eating nuts. The menu features light and tasty appetizers, fresh-baked breads, plus sausages and meats, for all to enjoy.

Popular Denver Brews:

Varmint Poontang – Fermented with internal yeast taken from a local email prairie dog… NOT! Gross! Named after the classic Caddyshack movie comments from Bill Murray, “I smell varmint poontang”. Tart amber with light chocolate nuance.

English Monkey – Strange hefeweizen-like ale, rich English malts with German yeast (banana notes, aka monkey). Works together like England and Germany in WWII… uh, never mind. Blends together in contradictory fashion to make an interesting ale.

Thornton Torosaurus IPA – A rare torosaurus nicknamed “Tiny” was found in Thornton, 66 million years old, a cousin to triceratops. We made this IPA with three main hops to represent the three horns. Could make you horny… haha dino humor.

Jackof Imperial Pumpkin Ale – It’s Jack of the lantern season, real pumpkin spice, luscious and dark. May inspire you to do things like you use to do with the heartthrob poster as a youth. Please keep your hands above the table while drinking and do not lock the bathroom door. Self-indulgence at its best.


Popular Satire Plates:

  • Squirrel Nuts – sweet or spicy coated peanuts
  • The Boulder Squirrel – fresh-baked bread packed with mushroom, cabbage, bell pepper, onion, and cheese.
  • Honey-Chipotle Sausage – subtle, yet brilliant and spicy
  • Sweet Squirrel Things – fresh bread wrapped around cream cheese filling and drizzled with honey.


At Satire, we’re not concerned with special European training, industry experience, awards, or lofty goals. We just want to craft delicious nano-beers that people love. Every day we work hard to perfect our recipes and improve our flavors, and above all have fun with our guests. Visit Satire soon!