Looking for the best handcrafted beer brewpub in Denver? Look no further. Satire Brewing company, located in Thorton, Colorado, is everything a craft beer lover could want in a brewery.

What sets Satire Brewery apart?

Todd Waufle is in love with brewing and has told friends he has a brewing problem. The co-owner of Satire Brewing Company has been brewing small batches of beer in his garage and backyard for nearly 7 years.

In the beginning, Todd took his home-brew to parties and barbecues, where he became known as “Todd the Beer Guy.” In the end, his beer was such a hit he decided to open a brewpub.

Satire Brewing Company is a nano-brewery that started with a small 3-barrel system. Beer menus change regularly, as the team is always experimenting with new ingredients and flavors. All handcrafted beers are made with unique grains, yeast, hops, spices, wood, and fruit. There are several styles to choose from, light to dark, low to high alcohol, hoppy to malty.

Some recent creations are:

  • Liquid Popcorn: a bizarre and refreshing taste that makes you want to go to the movies. No butter. 5%.
  • Sweet Peder: an authentic American-made German lager with a Norwegian spelling. 4.7% alcohol.
  • Honey Du: local wildflower honey combined with yeast from Dusseldorf (So Du). 6.8%
  • Gilligan’s Island Ale: a double coconut IPA. 9.17%
  • Triple Play: a Belgian triple style ale, as rare as a triple play is in baseball. Explosion of camel, candy, and fruit. 10.48%

Plus, Satire encourages customers to taste until they find what they love. Samples are served in traditional pint glasses, rather than small flutes, for the fullest tasting experience.

In addition to Satire’s eclectic beer menu, customers can enjoy an incredible selection of locally-sourced food items. The culinary side is of the business is called “The Loaded Squirrel.” A name Todd’s youngest daughter thought of when she thought of a fat squirrel eating nuts. The menu features light and tasty appetizers, fresh-baked breads, plus sausages and meats, for all to enjoy. Highlights include:

  • Squirrel Nuts: sweet or spicy coated peanuts
  • The Boulder Squirrel: fresh-baked bread packed with mushroom, cabbage, bell pepper, onion, and cheese.
  • Honey-Chipotle Sausage: subtle, yet brilliant and spicy
  • Sweet Squirrel Things: fresh bread wrapped around cream cheese filling and drizzled with honey.

At Satire, there is no special European training, no industry experience, no awards, no goals, or mission statement. Instead, there is real-life experience – hours spent in the garage and backyard, perfecting beers and having fun. That’s why we’re the best brewpub in Denver. Plus, Satire is dog-friendly and situated adjacent to the popular Highline Canal Trail – the perfect spot to run your pup before relaxing with a cold nano-brew. Visit us soon!