Celebrate Derby Day and Cinco de Mayo at Satire Brewing 

You’re invited! Saddle up and raise your glasses to Cinco De Derby Weekend at Satire Brewing! 


Cinco De Derby Weekend at Satire Brewing Company 

Yes, that is right! We want to celebrate for two days and have a party all weekend with new brews, drinks, and limited-time-only craft food.  

The Kentucky Derby is Sat May 4. We’ll broadcast the event from our backroom seating area.  We are making our version of Derby Day favorite food – a Hot Brown – turkey, bacon, tomato, secret squirrel sauce (it is squirrel mating season ya know) in our signature bread. So, a new Inbread Loaded Squirrel called a Hot Brown Squirrel! 

We’ll also have one of the owners of Molly Brown Distillery, Steve, hand-making (we hear he is good with his hands) fresh Mint Juleps in our back room. Delicious premium cocktails with Molly Brown top-shelf bourbon and mint. Saturday, May 4 only.  

Sunday, May 5 is Cinco De Mayo and we’ve gone overboard with two new beers and one new cocktail, plus another new Inbread Loaded Squirrel called The Border Squirrel, seasoned Mexican ground beef and cheese in our warm bread. The perfect food to carry across the border because they keep well and will fit in your pockets. Unfortunately, the government isn’t paying for these yet, but they’re working on it.    

On Sunday, May 5 for Cinco De Mayo we are unleashing La Whisky Putilla, a Satire margarita made with Whisky.  


New Satire Unleashes 

Teqcolowabo MJ 

Our salted lime beer aged in a Michael Jordan Anejo Tequila barrel. It’s slam dunk delicious! And better than our LeBron version. 🙂 


Small Time Lime-Lime Shandy 

Low alcohol, light, and refreshing.  


Huck Off 

Huckleberry fruit beer. Beautiful purplish color, smooth, sweet and tart. For that special someone in your life just tell them to Huck Off.   6% 


Blackberry Bush 

Cocktail bursting with blackberry taste like it came straight from the bush. With mint, bourbon and lemon too it is wild and unmanaged Bush at its best.  7% 


There you have it. Celebrate Cinco De Derby with refreshing mint juleps, NEW mouthwatering Loaded Squirrels, AND delicious Whiskey Margaritas.  

At Satire Brewing Company, you can expect a lively and festive atmosphere. Whether you’re a horse racing fan, a Mexican lover, or simply looking for a good time, Satire Brewing has something for you. Saddle up, raise your glasses, and let the festivities begin.