Check out February at our Thornton brewery.

Welcome to Satire Brewing Co., where we bring you unique and exciting beers to spice up your month. Whether you’re looking to celebrate Valentine’s Day, enjoy the Super Bowl, or dive into the world of Tennessee Whiskey, we have something special for you. Let’s take a look at what’s brewing at Satire this month. 


Valentine’s Day Specials 

“Can you feel the love tonight?” This Valentine’s Day, make it extra special with Satire Brewing Co. We have two exclusive Valentine’s Day Beers that are sure to impress. Pair these delightful brews with gourmet chocolate from DAR here in Thornton for a truly excellent experience. Join us before or after dinner for drinks and grab some chocolatey goodness to share with your loved one. 

“Love Drive” – Special Valentine’s Day Release 

February is Stout month, and what better way to celebrate than with a smooth creamy chocolate raspberry stout? Our “Love Drive” is a seductive brew that will get you hot and heavy with its rich flavors. Enjoy the decadence of chocolate and the allure of raspberries as you toast to love. 


Super Bowl Sunday   

Are you ready for the big game? Whether you’re a football fan or just in it for the commercials, Satire Brewing Co. is the place to be on Super Bowl Sunday. We open at noon, so come on down and pregame with some tasty beers before the kickoff. And if you want to be the hit of the party, pick up some growlers of our craziest concoctions to share with your friend. Not into the game? No worries, we’re open until 7 pm for those who couldn’t care less about football or commercials. 


Tennessee Whiskey | Whiskey University 202 

Calling all whiskey lovers! Join us for our second class with Justin Brandenburg as we dive into the timeline of Tennessee Whiskey. From 1810 to present, you’ll learn about the evolution and changes in this beloved spirit. Taste both familiar and craft whiskies from across Tennessee as you expand your knowledge and appreciation for this fine drink. Sign up now to secure your spot. 


Newest Unleashes  

Our brewmaster (Todd) is always experimenting and pushing the boundaries of flavor. Here are the latest additions to our lineup: 


Varmint Poontang – 10.4% 

This Groundhog Day unleash is a blueberry sour aged in a Breckinridge whiskey barrel for a year. With a nod to Carl Spackler from Caddyshack, this brew is sure to surprise and delight with its unique flavors. “I smell varmint poontang. And the only good varmint poontang is dead varmint poontang, I think.” 


Maryeuh Caraway – 6.2% 

Blended with three types of rye and caraway seeds, this iconic pop “fantasy” ale will take you on a journey of taste. Experience “visions of love” in each sip as this beer unveils flavors deeper than you ever dreamed of. Let Maryeuh Caraway bring out your emotions and make your taste buds sing. 


Klaus the Perverted IPA – 6.2% 

This IPA takes a different direction than typical German beers by using traditional malts with English and American hops. Klaus the Perverted IPA is a bold and flavorful brew that gives perverts everywhere a good name (sort of). Let your inner perv come out and enjoy this unique take on an IPA. 


Bring the King – 7% 

Yes, it is that good. Bring the King is a traditional dark English porter with a twinge of American brown ale. Just like the current British royalty, this brew exudes elegance and richness. Delight in the plush caramel and toffee notes as you savor this fresh ale fit for a king. 


Every Beer Has a Story 

At Satire Brewing Co., we believe that every beer has a story to tell. That’s why we make videos for every beer, showcasing how we come up with these crazy concoctions. Join Todd the Beer guy as he takes you on a journey through the creation process, with many laughs along the way. Check out our latest video and get a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the Big Minocha IPA. 


Birthdays – Parties – Events 

Looking for the perfect venue for your next party or event? Look no further than Satire Brewing Co. Whether you’re planning a small gathering in our new private space or a big crowd in our backroom, we can accommodate up to 200 guests. Celebrate your special occasions with us and let us take care of the drinks and atmosphere. Book now to secure your date. 


Come on down to Satire Brewing Co. this month and indulge in our special releases, exciting events, and unique brews. We can’t wait to raise a glass with you and make this month one to remember. Cheers!