Shop the 5 Best Gifts for Colorado Beer Lovers. 

There are a lot of exciting things going on at Satire this month. First and foremost, we couldn’t be more excited to bring you the new seasonal beers listed here. Second, we’re happy to share that, as always, Satire Thornton beer gift cards are available for purchase through the holidays and third, we’ve put together a fantastic list of gifts for beer lovers, perfect for Christmas, Hanukkah, or any occasion. Read on for our suggestions. 


Satire’s Top 5 Gifts for Beer Lovers 

Gift Card 

Keep things simple with a gift card to your beer lover’s favorite brewery. For the discerning beer lover, sometimes this is the best route. It allows the recipient to pick out exactly what she wants. At Satire, there are many ways to use a Satire gift card. On beer – of course – or squirrel food from our Restaurant the loaded squirrel, or Satire swag like flannel shirts, winter hats, and the like. 


**NEW This Year: Small Batch Whisky at Satire**

Stay warm this winter with small batch whisky by 291 and Molly Brown.

Beer Mug 

For the beer lover, there’s nothing like getting a signature or personalized beer mug for Christmas. Perfect for sipping his favorite brew – all year long – beer mugs are at the top of our list of 5 best gifts for Colorado beer lovers. 


Signature Pint Glass 

Signature pint glasses make great gifts. They’re practical, sentimental, and good-looking. For the Colorado beer lover in your life, consider giving a Satire Brewing Pint glass. Start a collection and continue the pint-glass-giving tradition year after year. 


Beer Growler 

Growlers make great gifts with one stipulation – they’re filled to the brim with beer! For those who love to purchase beer from local brewers rather than the liquor store. Growlers are, again, practical and good-looking. They’re also gifts that keep on giving (kind of). There’s no limit to how many times you can use them. Buy a Satire Brewing Growler for your #1 Colorado beer lover.  


Home Brewing Kit 

You won’t find home-brewing kits at Satire (you’ll find home-brewed beers) but for beer lovers, home-brewing kits are perhaps the best gifts out there. What better way to encourage interest and passion than with a kit? Find them on Amazon. Read about our story and take a look at our menu for ideas and inspiration for your recipes. 


Shop at Satire 

Just in time for the holidays, our Satire store is loaded with goodies your friends and family will love. From cozy hats and t-shirts to signature mugs and glasses, there’s a ton to choose from. Also, an option is shopping the Denver premium outlets, where our second Satire brewery is located. Here, you’ll find premier outlet stores with a diverse mix of popular designer and lifestyle brands. 

We can’t wait to welcome you to Satire this Christmas season. Follow us on Facebook for more updates and information on Satire seasonal events, gift items, and more.  

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Satire! We look forward to seeing you soon.