Bike-N-Brew Thornton 2023. Saturday, July 29. Be there or be square. SIGN-UP at FOOD FOR HOPE.

Satire Brewing Company in Thornton, CO.

We’re so excited to join in partnership with @ThorntonColorado and @foodforhopeCO to bring you this year’s Bike-N-Brew event in Thronton, CO. 

The summer has been beautiful and it’s the greenest we’ve had in years – perfect for biking!  


The Course 

Start and end at Satire Brewing Company (12136 Grant Circle). Choose from two routes. Do one, or both, grab a brew, bring a friend, eat too much, and burn it all off in the end!  

Ticket sales are $10 and support non-profit, Food for Hope, which empowers Thornton by providing food for malnourished children in the community.  

Wanna get your hands on our limited-edition t-shirt to commemorate this year’s Bike-N-Brew? Special thanks to Jeremiah Green for this incredible design. Jeremiah does a bunch of our graphic design and swag prints. Pop by to see the other fun and funny designs we offer for sale. Super soft clothes and always a conversation starter (and, no, the QR code is not printed on the shirts) 


New Satire Unleashes


Red raspberry hard tea. They will razz you about drinking a wimpy drink…until they try it. ABV 6% 



A biscuity brown ale. So good you can give it to your boss, and it will get you your next promotion. ‘What can Brown do for you’? Brown noser is a funny term, we just hope it is not based on a true story. ABV 6.3% 



Invigorating fresh lime beer fused with sea salt on a horizon of light-toasted corn. Hear the ocean while sipping Cabo San Lucas in a glass. Great for the beach or lake but we don’t can or bottle. Enjoy! ABV 4.9% 



Olive R Twist is back on tap! Give it a try if you want to shake things up. Yes, a new twist with a beer aged on green olives. Slick with ocean saltiness and a zesty olive taste. Experimental ale derived from a great northern tradition. ABV 6.4%.  



Crisp, pale, bitter. Tired of wimpy fruity and juicy IPA’S? We added a buttload of hops on the front side of the boil to get this to over 100 IBU’S. You either get bitter or better. We got bitter! ABV 6.5%.