A new Thornton meeting space: Moose Lodge, plus early summer beers and Mother’s Day specials. 

We’re excited to announce the opening of a new seating area here at Satire. 

The Satire Moose Lodge is a new seating area that gives off the rustic vibe of an old cabin or lodge with antiques and trophy mounts that will take you back several centuries. You will feel like you have turned back time as you relax in the comfort of this space and share handcrafted brews and made-from-scratch food with friends.  


A Thornton Meeting Space Perfect for Private Parties and Business Gatherings. 

The Satire Moose Lodge whispers intimacy for private parties and is something creative and unique. Made for people who are tired of the typical hotel room or industrial-look brewery.  

We turned our designer, (and wife and mom and server and cleaning lady) Staci loose with this one and she came up with a very special place.  

Not only will we have a wide selection of our beers from our tasting room but will also serve some bourbons and whiskeys straight and a nice selection of wines. 


New For Mother’s Day 2023 

Are you a sweetheart or what, Mama? New dessert created by DAR Chocolate for Satire with Mystic Mountain Outlaw Whiskey. How is that for inbreeding – we mean “cross-marketing”. 

A delightful melt-in-your-mouth raspberry chocolate marquise. Limited quantity for Mother’s Day weekend only! 

DAR Chocolate. Boutique Chocolate Factory Mystic Mountain Distillery 


New Early Summer Beer 

Snatch Green Chili Light Ale with taco seasoning! 

Tastes like an ice-cold taco with some kick! Definitely not your traditional beer. Bold and will hit you like a wall of bricks! 


Spruce Willis 

A malty semisweet Scottish ale brewed with fresh Colorado spruce tips. After swilling, you will be ready to put some hurt on some foreign guys with bad accents. Yippee ki yay mf’ers! 6.5% 


Oh Honey, Oh Honey 

Our double honey IPA. A superabundance of local honey and four different hops added late to the process. It will have you crying out “oh honey…oh honey!” by the end of the glass. 8.5% 


Gilligan’s Island IPA 

A double coconut IPA, four hops, and lots of freshly toasted coconut. BTW who was the hottest? Ginger? Maryanne? The Professor? Mrs. Howell, the old cougar? The Natives? 9.17% 


We look forward to serving you soon in our new Moose Lodge Thornton meeting space and seating area. Join us this summer for delicious beer, shareable squirrel food, and seasonal specials. Remember we’re always changing things up. Ask your server for a complete list of today’s available brews.