Enjoy NEW Mother’s Day specials in Thornton at Satire Brewing Company.

Many of us are blessed to have amazing moms and/or wives. Cheers to all the hard-working, industrious moms who very rarely get the credit they deserve. Don’t let the day go by without telling mom how much you love and appreciate her. We hope all the moms out there have a memorable and special day!

Mother’s Day Specials in Thornton at Satire 

Mother’s Day Specials in Thornton 2022 | Vivacious Blueberry Basil Seltzer

For those of you who don’t like beer but still want to share a drink in good company (especially since Mother’s Day is tomorrow!) We make seltzers for everyone else! Vivacious blueberry basil seltzer, our Mother’s Day 2022 special. 


Mother’s Day Specials in Thornton 2020 | Sweet Squirrel Things and Blue Barry Manalow

Sweet Squirrel Things 

Hand-crafted and hand-created by our visionary head chef, Tanner Waufle, Sweet Squirrel Things are made with fresh baked bread wrapped around a brown sugar cream cheese filling then drizzled with honey butter and cinnamon sprinkles. Delish! 

Sweet Squirrel Things pair beautifully with the subtle tartness and blueberry flavor of our new Mother’s Day-only release, Blue Barry Manalow. Pick up any size growler 16, 32 or 64 oz for your mom or wife, or both and an order of Sweet Squirrel Things to go. 

In-house reviews: 

“Better than Cinnabon!” – Ryan, number one Satire Squirrel Things Salesperson 

“I’ve never tried them” – Amy, number two Satire Squirrel Things Salesperson 

Better than mall food is quite a claim, but this delectable dessert holds true to the rhetoric! 


Blue Barry Manalow 

A one-day release on Mother’s Day 2020 (until we officially release it, but we won’t tell you when). 

A big-flavored blueberry beer named indirectly after one of the all-time greatest pop artists. Really. Of course this has a big nose of blueberry aroma and a refreshing tartness that only real blueberries can deliver. We exceeded our normal fruit dosage to give it an extra wallop of flavor. Springtime is blueberry time! Whether you’re drinking it at the Copacabana or enjoying it on a weekend in New England, (without Tom Brady…but you still have the creepy guy Belichick… have fun) you will be singing I Can’t Smile Without You! 5.24% ABV. 


Give Mom a Schlong!  

A Schlong is our gourmet sausage covered in bacon, cheese and green peppers then wrapped in our fresh light bread then overlaid with melted Havarti cheese. Tasty! Be sure to explain what one is before you shout, “Hey mom do you want a Schlong?” We can only think of a Golden Girl’s response there. 


Satire Brewing Company is Thorton’s best brewery. With new brews on tap every week, and friendly service, we’re the go-to brewery for great times with friends and family. Everyone is welcome all the time. Take a look at our sample beer menu plus kitchen menu from our eatery, The Loaded Squirrel. We look forward to welcoming you soon. Happy Mother’s Day and thank you.