NEW Thornton premium beer. We’ve cooked up something really special (see below). Plus – it’s hard to believe – but it’s been two years since we opened our second location at the Denver Premium Outlets. Visit us at 13801 Grant St, Thornton, for a terrific selection of Thornton premium beer and delicious shareable plates.  


New Unleashes Released on St. Patrick’s Day  

Manhor Red – (Irish Red) 

Lustful and creamy, smokey honey Irish red. Aged with a copious amount of local honey sure to delight any honey hole. At 5%, this ale can get the job done all night long. 


O’Mc Finnigans – (Irish Amber Ale) 

Sweet Irish Amber ale, the first part of the name, O’Mc comes from the Gaelic surname meaning beer drinker and the last, Finnigan comes from royal ancestry from King Hepatitis 600 A.D. and means to frequent taverns and brothels. A motley blend of malts make for a most peculiar and satisfying ale. 5.2% 


New Thorton Premium Beer Releases 

Cajun Swamp Swill 

Cajun creole-style beer with a lotta spice and heat. It’s a liquid taste of New Orleans cuisine and it doesn’t smell like the late-night streets of Bourbon Street on a muggy summer night. 4.9% 


Better Than Love 

German chocolate cake stout. Creamy sweet coconut and coffee. Tell your partner your lovin’ days are over, they’ve been replaced. 7.2% 


The Little Easy (French Saison) 

A geaux to light golden French Saison. Brilliant tastes of fresh fruit and white pepper. Can help your situashuuun by relieving frustrashuuun (as pronounced and spelled in the Cajun Dictionary) with lively flavor and drinkability. 5.24% 


1305 Scottish Ale  

We like to call this William Wallace around the brewery but there are a few ales out there with the name so we named it the year he died. Big, strong, semisweet, and fiercely hopped, of course. Will have you shouting “Freedom!” by the end of the night. 7.5% 


Cherry Chocolate Rum A Dum 

Aged in a rum barrel for a year. Smooth and creamy. Blended flavors of chocolate, rum, vanilla and oak with a lingering soft cherry finish. Beware at 9.3% it might make you rum-dum. 


Satire Brewing at The Denver Premium Outlets  

It’s been two years since we announced the opening of our new location at The Denver Premium Outlets our newest Thornton brewery is still the perfect spot to relax and unwind after a day of shopping. It’s also a great escape for solo shoppers seeking a little extra “me” time and a great fueling station for all kinds of shopping extravaganzas. Satire at The Denver Premium Outlets offers 20,000ft of indoor/outdoor seating space with mountain views, fountains, a fireplace, and open grass area for lawn games. It’s the perfect destination for groups of all sizes to meet, grab a bite, and have a blast.  

Join us at Satire for Thronton premium beer. We look forward to welcoming you soon.