Originally published on February 15, 2022. Updated on February 1, 2023. 

NEW Thornton Valentine’s Day Beers. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Celebrate what you most love with us…beer. 

What’s new at Satire Brewing? This February we’re cooking up something special. Read on to learn more about popular Thornton Valentine’s Day beers, Satire gift cards, squirrel food, and more. 


Popular Thornton Valentine’s Day Beers at Satire 

February is the month of love so celebrate with rich and full-bodied Thronton Valentine’s Day beers that titillate the senses.

*Raspberry Raccoon is always on tap and Bad Girlfriend returns this summer.  


Raspberry Racoon   

A big version of our popular raspberry ale named after a raccoon in our backyard. Warning it may seem harmless, but it’s big. Kind of like the movie ELF with a raccoon “Does someone need a hug?”. ABV 10.4%.  


Love Drive Chocolate Raspberry Stout   

We tested flavors and ingredients for over a year to ignite that burning flame. With our precise recipe, Love Drive will spark deep feelings, increased confidence, and sex drive (warning effects may last longer than 4 hours). Instances of improved marriages, divorcees back together (and in some cases divorced again), and people who could not find love now having multiple relationships with strangers, have been reported. ABV 7.3%.   


Cherry On  

A full-bodied Belgian ale aged on sweet and tart cherries. No popping this cherry, we only serve it on draft. No matter what, Cherry On! ABV 9.57%.  


Cherry On Rum Barrel 

Our cherry Belgian ale aged in a Barbados rum barrel. Tastes of vanilla, oak, cherry and rum. Special release for George Washington’s birthday. The story is George couldn’t lie about chopping down the cherry tree because he had to tell the truth. Well the truth is that the story isn’t true. It was made up by a writer to sell more books. Lying about a story with a moral of truth. Hmmm…ABV 9.86%. 


Horny Elf

Schweddy balls Christmas series. Late release because he just got out of elf detention for lascivious misconduct. Cinnamon, vanilla, hazelnut, coffee, and chocolate in a creamy and salacious coffee stout. Keep it zipped up next time pal. 7% ABVZ.


Online Satire Store Open for Business   

The Satire Brewing online store is ALWAYS open for business. Purchase Satire gift cards good for beer and food, Satire merchandise, growlers, and more. Perfect for Valentine’s Day gifts for the beer lover in your life.  


There you have it. Just a few Valentine’s Day highlights at Satire this month. Swing by for delicious craft beer, yummy Squirrel Food, and lots of fun. Every day we work hard to perfect our recipes, improve our flavors, and above all have fun with guests.