Thornton fall beers 2022.

The change of seasons means new beers on tap at Satire Brewing. No need to dread the sundown of summer. Instead, celebrate with new fall brews. As always, this season we bring to you an eclectic selection of specialty mico-brews perfect for celebrating fall. 

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Fall Beers at Satire Brewing 

Jackof Imperial Pumpkin Ale

Our late season pumpkin ale, Jack of Lantern. Saved the best for last! May inspire you to do things you used to do with the heartthrob poster as a youth. Please keep your hands above the table while drinking. Self-indulgence at its best. 9.2% ABV. 


Shamus Red

Scottish ale with subtle roasted honey and toffee notes. Shamus was William Wallace’s cousin, a giant warrior with long red hair and a full bushy red beard known for slaying hundreds of Englishmen. Just kidding. We made it up. 6.8% ABV.      


Four Chaplains

Robust and full flavor and dedicated to one of the most selfless acts in history during WWII involving four chaplains of different faiths. Search four chaplains for an amazing story or ask a beertender. Made with four hops: Simcoe, Centennial, Columbus and Amarillo to commemorate. 9.17% ABV. 


Sweet Cheeks 

Creamy sweet porter with tastes of coffee, chocolate, and vanilla. Oh baby, I love your Sweet Cheeks. Bottoms up! 4% ABV. 

Never Ending Summer IPA

Citrus hops and fresh grapefruit zest in a lively IPA. Hopeless romantics, summer is fading but here’s to holding on to those fun times, at least the ones you remember. 7.2% ABV. 


Pump A Lot

Not a “wow” pumpkin beer but an easy to drink, knock a few back, pumpkin beer with real pumpkin and light spice. Whether you pump a lot of weights, ass, breast milk, or whatever, cheers! 5% ABV. 


Pumpkin Fraud

Delicious pseudo pumpkin beer made without real pumpkin. Sweet with pumpkin spice. Sometimes fraud works. Just think about cosmetic facial surgery and boob jobs. A Kardashian favorite beer. 6.4% ABV. 


Satire Brewing is the best brewery in Thronton CO. Visit us at two locations nearby. Our Flagship barroom offers a full selection of Satire beers and sharable plates. Our Thornton Premium Outlets location offers a smaller selection of ale but is just as much fun. Plus, there is fabulous shopping and cornhole!