We’re busy brewing batches of your favorite Satire Brewing new Denver Winter beer. If you’re super thirsty you can jump ahead to our new brew list below, but we recommend you keep reading to learn about a very exciting event coming up this February. This event, like many others we’re involved in, is an important one for our community. We’re hosting food for hope! 

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Adopt a Student Day | February 17th  

Food for Hope assists thousands of children in Adams County who receive little to nothing to eat when they are not at school. Please join us to learn more about this critical organization and show your support – simply by enjoying delicious snacks or beverages! 10% of event sales will go directly to Food for Hope! More about Food for Hope. 

Now, on to the latest and greatest beer releases by Satire. 


Early Winter Satire Brewing Beer releases 


Cimmamon Vanilla Kahludicrous – 7.1% ABV 

Scrumptious cimmamon, vanilla, chocolate, coffee, and Kahlua stout. It’s ludicrous! So, we call it Kahludicrous. And we misspelled cinnamon to see if you have been drinking. We were right. A perfect winter beer with ALLLLLL this snow we’ve been getting… 


Barrel Loaded Satire 122 – 12.48% ABV 

122-minute IPA, a gladiator of a beer! Hopped throughout 122-minute boil and massive late hop additions too. Our extensive laboratory and science work has proven 122 minutes is the optimum time for maximum flavor (or we just made that up). Then we aged it in a barrel infused with bourbon (for two years), then maple syrup (for 6 months), and then another rye bourbon (for two more years). Death Defying. 


Horny Elf – 6.55% ABV 

Satire Brewing Horny Elf beer

Our Schweddy Balls Christmas series stout, a play on an SNL classic, with hazelnut, chocolate, coffee, cinnamon, and vanilla. This guy had to leave the North Pole for being on the Elf Offender’s List. Maybe there isn’t room for everyone on the nice list. Going fast so see you soon!

U Cran Du It – 5.76% ABV 

Satire Brewing u cran do it beer in glass

(We believe in you. Lasso of truth time) A clean tart cranberry ale made with yeast from Dusseldorf, thus the “du”. Drink this and you can achieve anything. Rumored to solve impotency issues.

Winter Whiz – American Pilsner – 5.24% ABV 

Satire Brewing Winter whiz beer in glass

Fresh, light, and yellowish. Looks like pee in a glass AKA whiz. As exhilarating on a cold day as when you relieved yourself after the idiot driver wouldn’t pull over when you had to go!

Major Dick IPA – 7.9% ABV 

An IPA with attitude! Five different hops and Major Dickason spicy blend of coffee, hence the name. So not named after your last boyfriend or boss. However, the name may fit you personally. 7.9% 


Check back later this month for more information about new beers on tap as well as community events like Adopt a student Day.