Top Seasonal Beers in Thornton 2021: A Satire Brewery Guide 

Love seasonal beers? Of course, you do! Seasonal brews are especially popular because they call attention to the many delicious flavors of the winter holidays. 

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What makes seasonal beers…seasonal? They’re usually strong with flavors dating back a thousand years to Yuletide, the Viking holiday season. Fall and winter brews are often spiced with yummy winter flavors like cinnamon, orange zest, clove, and vanilla. Most enjoy seasonal beers for their full body and deep flavor. 

We offer several seasonal brews with a Satirical flare. 


Top Seasonal Beers in Thornton 2021

What a Trip | ABV 10.35% 

satire brewery belgian Tripel beer

Belgian Tripel. Offers a surprising tart fruit taste in a big, bold, beer. Green apple and spice notes. Not what you would expect in a typical Tripel so “what a trip?!”  


Denver Mint | ABV 7.2%

satire-brewery denver mint stout beer 

A luscious mint chocolate and coffee stout. Colorado legislation just passed this beer as official state currency. Just in time for Christmas shopping. Let us know how it goes. So much for Bitcoin.  


Cherry On | Cherry on! ABV 7.8% 

Satire brewery cherry on beer

A Belgian ale aged on sweet and tart cherries with a merry mix of holiday spice. Perfect for the season. Tastes like Christmas!  


Jackof Imperial Pumpkin Ale | ABV 10.48% 

It’s ‘Jackof’ lantern season. Pumpkin and spice. Luscious and dark. May inspire you to do things like you used to do with the heartthrob poster as a youth. Please keep your hands above the table while drinking. Self-indulgence at its best.  


Lars Lager | ABV 5.24% 

Norwegian beer. Blonde in color with full rich flavor. Who’s Lars? He listens to ABBA on Spotify, drives a Volvo, plays Minecraft, shops at IKEA, eats meatballs and loves to stay at ice hotels.  


Down the Chimney | ABV 6.55% 

satire brewery down chimney beer

Schweddy balls series. A gingerbread chocolate coffee stout. Santa, a raging alcoholic (the red cheeks are a giveaway) would always shout “down the chimney!” before slamming a drink. He also misses the days when Mrs. Claus would go down the chimney. TMI. Tastes like Christmas.   


We look forward to welcoming you at Satire for seasonal the top seasonal beers in Thornton 2021. Join us for these delicious brews and so much more. Enjoy this seasonal selection and remember we’re always changing things up. Ask your server for a complete list of today’s available brews. 

…don’t forget we’re still serving up delicious squirrel food. Our Thornton brewery menu features light and tasty appetizers plus locally sourced sausages and meats. Ho, ho, ho!