We’re staying busy here at Satire Brewing. As the holidays approach, we’re preparing by unleashing new craft beer in Thornton CO and tackling another special Satire film project. Read more about both below…but first, we’d like to take a moment – as we do periodically and in advance of Thanksgiving – to express our sincere gratitude for our fabulous beer-loving customers. Without your support we couldn’t do what we love the most: brew exceptional, small-batch, craft beer in Colorado. 


Craft Beer in Thornton CO: NEW Beers on Tap 

Three Wives Peach Cream Ale – ABV 5% 

Inspired by our Colorado peach ale that we didn’t make because we were too late getting local peaches. Then, we had the opportunity to get the next best thing. Peaches from a few miles away in Utah. Soft peach flavor.  


Lemonado – ABV 10% 

A tornado of fresh lemon taste in a big American fruit beer. Feel the whirlwind of flavor crush your tastebuds and swirl around uncontrollably in your mouth. Proudly named by our youngest son, who could be serving you. 


Other Fall Craft Beer in Thornton CO

Torosaurus IPA – ABV 6.5% 

Named after a rare set of dinosaur bones found here in Thornton. This dinosaur is a close relative to triceratops, so we use three hops to symbolize the three horns. Beware, could make you horny. (Little dino humor.)  


Peanut Butter Bourbon Barrel Ball Buster – ABV 10.1% 

Say it three times without messing up. Drink two and say it fast! Chocolate, peanut butter, bourbon, and oak make this one heck of a good time! 


Pump Me Baby – 9.43% 

Voluptuous imperial pumpkin ale, scintillating aroma, savory spices, and authentic pumpkin. Just yell “pump me baby” and we’ll be overjoyed to get you one. Everybody else will think you’re a perv. 


New Satire Special Film Project 

One of our next big projects is the Thornton Five! A multi-genre heist movie designed to bring together Thornton community members, businesses, and organizations. Plus, our own Todd Waufle plays a leading role.  

Follow our Facebook page to stay up to date on our movie-making journey and learn more about our red-carpet screening in early 2022.  

The following are stills from our first round of shooting! 


Lastly, Thanksgiving is just around the corner. While our brewery is closed on Thanksgiving Day, we’ll happily serve normal business hours the Wednesday before and Friday following the holiday. We hope to see you at either or both Satire locations in Thornton.