At Satire Brewing, there are two things we love a lot: Thornton beer and entertainment. That’s why we do things a little differently around here. We believe anything we can do to make one another laugh, big or small, or make a new friend and have good conversation, is worth doing one hundred times over.  

It’s the inspiration behind our Satire Shorts. With these fun films, our goal is to A: create videos that we would watch ourselves and, B: keep on laughing. Sometimes things get a little crazy, but it’s all worth it.  

Below is a collection of our tops shorts, produced by our excellent film crew, along with brief descriptions of the Satire Denver beers that accompany them. Can you spot the satire? 

Join us at our ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Denver Premium Outlets on September 3 at 4:30 pm. 


Taco Snatch (Limited Edition) 


Tastes like an ice-cold taco with some kick!  Definitely not your traditional beer and thus, the untraditional video! It’s bold and will hit you like a wall of bricks! (but if you’ve had enough of ’em you might break through it like Mickey Rourke). 


Cherry On 


A full-bodied Belgian ale aged on sweet and tart cherries. No popping this cherry, we only serve it on draft. No matter what, Cherry On! 


Spruce Willis Die Hard 


A malty semisweet Scottish ale brewed with fresh Colorado spruce tips. After swilling, you’ll be ready to put a little hurt on some foreign guys with bad accents. Yippee ki-yay! 


Nocenco IPA 


North Central Colorado-style IPA. And yes, we know it isn’t an ancient civilization in South America. But it does certainly sound like one. Dedicated to the hard-working people of this region. It’s about time we had our own style. 


Lager Italia 


A romantic rich red lager, caramelly and delicious. After touring Italy and conversing with the brightest Italian brewers, our brewing team developed this recipe. Not really, but based on a true story. We’d like to go to Italy sometime. 


Bad Girlfriend 


A lush apricot Belgian that draws you in like a bad relationship. For those that live recklessly and keep going back when you know you shouldn’t. She’s incredible until the next day. 


122 Minute IPA 


A gladiator of a beer. Hopped abundantly and continuously with four different hops over 122 minutes. Then massive post-boil additions and a big dry hop charge too. Our extensive laboratory and science work has proven 122 minutes is the optimum time for maximum flavor (or we just made that up). Death-defying. 

We love what we do. Every aspect of it. From the idea generation for a beer to the late nights sharing with friends and family, we’re grateful we get to do this every day.

A special thanks to everyone who made this Thornton beer and entertainment possible. We look forward to creating more fabulous films for all to enjoy. And, don’t forget about our ribbon-cutting ceremony on September 3 at the Denver Premium Outlets, 4:30 pm. Please join us!