Now that the weather is warmer, it’s the ideal time to enjoy a few beers on our outdoor patio. Nothing’s better than a thirst-quenching microbrew in the warm Colorado sun. Plus, at Satire, we welcome your four-legged friends (on the very same patio) to join you for a drink. We’re one of few dog-friendly breweries in Denver.  

**New Satire Brew**  


Orenthal James IPA – ABV 5.37% 

A citrusy taste and orange-juice-look in an IPA. OJ Simpson’s real name is Orenthal James, so OJ, and nicknamed “The Juice”. Falsely accused of a dual murder in 1994. This beer is a dedication. I recently found a pair of leather gloves that fit me perfectly. They got wet, dried, and were too small. Hmmm… 


O’Fools Gold – ABV 8.65% 

A spicy, fruity, Belgian golden ale. We won our first gold medal with this beer at the Intergalactic Beer Festival in Brussels last year…but for real, it won second place at Buck Johnson’s backyard competition in Brighton. Bud Light won first. 

Hungry? While we don’t claim to be a restaurant in the traditional sense of the word, we do offer some small plates and appetizers. Loaded Squirrels, our signature snacks, are freshly baked mini loaves packed full of yumminess. There are no squirrels in our food. That is just the name of the restaurant. We like fun and inappropriate humor. Our daughter came up with the name of the restaurant. So we kept it. Five per squirrel basket (locally sourced sausage, meats, cheeses, & veggies, there’s a reason we call them loaded. They’re very filling. We affectionately refer to them as “inbreads” because, well, they’re in bread. Try:  

 The Barbequed Squirrel 

Savory pulled pork (Not squirrel!) slathered in barbeque sauce inside of our hot fresh bread. Pork this baby! 

The Boulder Squirrel 

Mushroom, cabbage, bell pepper, onion, and cheese.  

The Taunting Squirrel 

Belfiore gourmet bacon, jalapeño, and cream cheese.  

Guided the Squirrel 

Belfiore spice sausage, bell peppers, onions, cheese.  

The Squirrel Package 

For those who aren’t boring…a sample of one of each in an order of five.  

Honey-Chipotle Sausage 

Starts subtle sweet and finishes brilliant and spicy.  

Meat & Cheese Sample Plate 

Four types of gourmet meat, 2 kinds of sausage, and two types of bacon, ploys 2 types of cheese perfect for those who like taste exploration and adventure. 

Sweet Squirrel Things 

Our Fresh bread wrapped around brown sugar cream cheese filling and drizzled with honey butter and cinnamon sprinkle.  

Hot Squirrel Pies

Our version of American apple pie, homemade apple pie filling stuffed in our airy light signature bread with a brown sugar drizzle. Hot pie like never before.  


We look forward to welcoming you soon! Satire Brewing Company is the best microbrewery in Denver. We offer delicious hand-crafted beer plus outstanding small plates in an intimate setting. Enjoy our large outdoor patio complete with pretty gardens or dine in, in our “old world” tasting room. Relax and enjoy nature as you sip our unique custom brews. Satire Brewing Company offers several styles of beer, from light to dark, low alcohol to high, hoppy to malty.