New May unleashes are here! Try them all at our Thornton Brew Pub.  

In May we’re not only unleashing new brews but a new Satire Brewery location at the Thornton Premium outlets as well! We couldn’t be more excited. Now, there’s way more Satire to go around.  

What about the new brews, you ask? Here are some on-tap highlights. Drink’em while you can (they won’t last long). If you do miss them, however, don’t fret. We’re always experimenting with new conductions laced with terrific seasonal flavors. You’re sure to find something you love no matter what!


El Corn Chippo – ABV 3.2% 

A low alcohol, easy-drinking, corn chip ale. Notes of roasted corn and sea salt combine for a tasty session beer. You will have the urge to drink with salsa and guac. Fresh and different. ¡Salud, amigos! 


Germexican Lager – ABV 5.1% 

A renowned German brewer fell in love with a beautiful Mexican senorita who ran a taco stand. In a moment of passion, they cultivated a lager recipe with green chilies. The full story is TMI. Subtle sweetness from lager and east taste of green chilies. 


High Can IPA – ABV 7.8% 

This Highline Canal IPA made with the malodorous stagnant pools of the neighboring historic Highline Canal, features 5 different hops and offers an earthy/dank taste, either from the hops or the repulsive foul water. Disgusting and good. 


HONEY DU – ABV 5.1% 

An amazing honey beer fermented with yeast from Dusseldorf…so the ‘Du’. And aged in blueberry/raspberry honey. Subtle and sweet. Just tell your partner you are out doing “honey dus”. They’ll be excited…for a while. 


New Satire Location at Thornton Premium Outlets  

We’re so happy our new location at the Thornton Premium Outlets is now open for business. It’s the perfect spot to fuel shopping sprees or relax and unwind after a busy day on your feet. This new location features 20,000 ft of indoor/outdoor seating space with mountain views, fountains, a fireplace, and open grass area for lawn games. 

Join us for delicious beer, delicious foods, and laughs with friends in a new and beautiful setting.  

For our full menu of brews on-tap plus sharable apps and entrees (AKA squirrel food), visit our flagship location in Thornton. Enjoy our dog-friendly outdoor patio (perfect for sipping in summer months), a selection of up to 20 beers, plus a number of delicious dishes that go great with our craft brews. We look forward to welcoming you at both locations!