Satire Brewery’s Top 10 Beer-infused Recipes for 2021.

Our favorite beer-infused recipes, take two! Love beer? So do we. Let’s cook with it more often. Last year, we highlighted these great beer-laced dishes and now we’re bringing you more gourmet selections. As a flavor booster, beer adds depth and body to a number of traditional recipes. Forget the wine. Try these favorite beer-infused dishes instead, courtesy of Taste of Home.


Beer Dip

Perfect paired with pretzels, this beer dip is flavored with Ranch dressing mix and sharp cheddar cheese. Plus, this easy-to-prepare snack can be made with any beer, even nonalcoholic. Great for parties (when those are a thing again) or as a special treat at home.


Taylor’s Jalapeno Poppers

Jalapeno poppers are a terrific appetizer, one that many don’t make at home. They’re easy, though, and quick to make. Try jazzing them up with shredded chicken or beef – beer braised, of course!


Low Country Boil

This crowd-pleasing low country boil combines shrimp, crab, sausage, corn and potatoes. Protein-packed, it’s the perfect rejuvenating dish after a day of outdoor fun, hiking or camping.


Beer & Cheddar Fondue

This DELICIOUS fondue recipe is best served with apple slides, rye bread cubes, and hearty vegetables like carrots, mushrooms, celery, zucchini, squash and broccoli. Another wonderful dish to share with many, but equally tasty for one or two.


The Best Ever Chili

Inspired by a trip to the Santa Fe Farmer’s Market, this fragrant chile combines ancho chilies, a touch a masa harina, and A1 ground beef for the perfect cold weather pick-me-up. Top with sour cream and serve with your favorite cornbread.


Mushroom and Sweet Potato Potpie

This mushroom and sweet potato potpie is a rich, comforting, and VEGAN. Vitamin-packed, it’s made with shitake and portobello mushrooms, and scented with garlic and rosemary.


BBQ Bacon Pulled Chicken Sandwiches

This simple recipe is amazing. Try with mayo, cheddar or Muenster cheese, lettuce, tomato, and onion. Or…zest things up with Ranch dressing.


Beef Brisket in Beer

This Super tender brisket will have you and your family coming back for seconds and the rich gravy is perfect for serving atop creamy mashed potatoes.


Contest-Winning Bavarian Meatball Hoagies

Count on your slow cooker for these mouthwatering meatball hoagies. A guaranteed crowd please, severe your meatballs as an appetizer or in sandwiches, with accompaniments, for a most delicious meal.


Skillet Stout Brownies

Elevate the traditional brownie with this stout-infused recipe. Rich and fudgy, these brownies come together quickly and easily. They’re the perfect weeknight aperitif.


There you have it. Our top 10 Beer-infused Recipes for 2021. Delicious and easy to make at home. Not in the mood to cook? In addition to our extensive yet ever-changing beer menu, we offer outstanding apps and shareable plates you’re sure to adore.