At Satire Brewery, we love beer! It brings people together, it encourages great conversation, it’s an art and a craft, AND it tastes incredible.

A special Valentine’s Day note. To really impress the beer lover in your life, we suggest a beer tasting at Satire Brewery. Stop by for an exceptionally crafted – original – brew that your sweetheart will adore. Try new unleashes or old favorites.


We Love Beer

Typically, we have 20 beers on tap. Sometimes more, occasionally less. They range in style and flavor. We don’t just make Belgium, German, or English – we make them all. We love experimenting with new ideas and flavors. It’s what sets our brewery apart.


Beer brings people together and encourages great conversation!

The best conversations happen over a good brew. Of course, the unique names we give each beer help. These stem from the Satire theme to have fun and keep good humor. Here, we like to have a good time, make fun of ourselves and whoever’s popular, just to cut up and relax. It’s important to get out and play (safely) – especially 10 months into the pandemic!

Let your personality shine alongside our beer. Each of our brews has its own personality. Surely there’s one that will pair perfectly with yours!


It’s an art and a craft

Express yourself! At Satire, we sure do. We started brewing small-batch beer in a garage (for nearly seven years). Not much has changed since we started with a simple three-barrel system. Every brew is exquisitely crafted with superior attention to detail (which results in a better-tasting ale). With little formal training to hold us back, nothing stands in the way of a great idea for a new beer. We handpick the best ingredients including unique grains, yeast, hops, spices, wood, and fruit. This results in a number of different styles – light and dark, low and high alcohol content, hoppy and malty.


It tastes incredible.

Satire beers tend to be bold and rich-flavored. We encourage customers to sample and taste-test until they find THE beer(s) they love. Samples are served in traditional pint glasses for the most authentic tasting experience. Plus, we’re always experimenting to come up with flavors we think our customers will love. Some experiments turn out, some don’t. Either way, we have fun, and you get good beer.

We’re still not concerned with special European training, awards, or lofty goals. We just love crafting delicious nano-brew that people can enjoy – together. Every day we work hard to perfect our recipes and improve our flavors, and above all have fun with our guests. Visit Satire soon!