Happy New Year from Satire Brewing!

We’re so grateful and honored to have you as a part of our Satire family! We had an amazing year and are very excited to keep moving forward with our hearts full and our heads held high.

We hope 2021 is packed with joy, love, and health for all! We’re doing our best to keep spirits high and bring you the very best beers in the New Year.

What are the best Satire suds of 2021?

Taco Snatch – Light Ale – ABV 5.0%

We tried something new…an experiment with our Snatch Green Chili light ale. We call it Taco Snatch. It tastes like an ice-cold taco with some kick! It’s definitely not your traditional beer. It’s bold and will hit you like a wall of bricks! (but if you’ve had enough of them, you might break right through it like Mickey Rourke would). We only have one keg available so try this beer while it lasts.


Winter Whiz – American Pilsner – ABV 5.24%

A familiar favorite, we believe in responding when nature calls. Fresh, light, and yellowish. Looks like pee in a glass AKA whiz. As exhilarating on a cold day as when you relieved yourself after the idiot driver wouldn’t pull over when you had to go!


Transgenital IPA – ABV 4.7%

Whether you are a man, woman, or somewhere in between, you are going to like this beer. Light and juicy with citrus hops and mounds of orange and lemon zest. A great session beer.


U Cran Du It – Cranberry Ale – ABV 4%

Refreshing cranberry ale made with yeast from Dusseldorf, AKA Du. At 4% ABV, you can hear Rob Schneider shouting “U Cran Du It all night long!”


Order a Growler to Go

It’s as easy as picking up the phone! (720) 275-0667. Try these delicious brews or check out the menu of new releases pinned to the top of our Satire Brewing Facebook page. There’s also our Satire Suds regular menu uploaded to the photos section. Remember, our menu is constantly being updated as Todd has new brews in the works all the time.

We’re working hard to bring you the beers you love each and every day. We hope you’ll join us in the New Year for the best nano-brew in Denver. At Satire, we love what we do. And… we love to share it with you, our customers. Happy New Year!