As the year comes to an end, we thank you for making it so special. Many of our best beers and memories were born in 2021, but we’re excited for all 2022 holds in store. In celebration of the past year, and looking forward to the coming, here’s a peek at the 10 best Denver beers of 2021, plus a list of other outstanding brews we made. 

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10 Best Denver Beers of 2021 

Brownie Batter Kahludicrous Coffee Stout 

A sweet chocolate brownie batter Kahlua coffee stout. Really! We crossbred (the beers) two of our favorite stouts, Batter Up and Kahludicrous to make a hybrid ale. Rich and satisfying. ABV 7.47%. 


Bring the King 

small glass of satire brewing bring the king

Dry woody English Porter. A previous batch had an American twist on it, but this one is a tad more British. Try with crumpets. Bloody good! ABV 5.37%. 


Fresh Prince Seltzer 

highball with satire brewing fresh prince seltzer

Beat the heat. An ideal summer cocktail for sweltering days. Cucumber, mint, and lemon in a crisp seltzer. Magical aroma and oh…so fresh! ABV 5.8%. 


Love Drive Chocolate Raspberry Stout 

We tested flavors and ingredients for over a year to bring back that burning flame. With our precise recipe, Love Drive will bring back deep feelings, increased confidence, and sex drive (warning effects may last longer than 4 hours). Stories of improved marriages, divorcees back together (and in some cases divorced again), and people who could not find love, now having multiple relationships with strangers. ABV 7.3%. 


Orenthal James IPA 

A citrusy taste and orange juice look in an IPA. OJ Simpson’s real name is Orenthal James, so OJ, and nicknamed “The Juice”. Falsely accused of a dual murder in 1994. This beer is a dedication. We recently found a pair of leather gloves that fit perfectly. They got wet, dried, and were too small. Hmmm… ABV 5.37%. 


Raspberry Racoon 

pint glasses with satire brewing valentine beers

A big version of our popular raspberry ale named after a racoon in our backyard. Warning it may seem harmless, but it’s big. Kind of like the movie ELF with a racoon “Does someone need a hug?”. ABV 10.4%. 



A tornado of fresh lemon taste in a big American fruit beer. Feel the whirlwind of flavor crush your tastebuds and swirl around uncontrollably in your mouth. Proudly named by our youngest son, who could be serving you. ABV 10%. 


Helga’s Pride 

Helles style lager. Helga, a full-bodied German woman (tested positive for steroids in the 2012 London Olympics) delivers nothing but the finest beer. Soft, pale, bready, subtly sweet, and gently hopped. Helga on the other hand…will break you! ABV 4.0%. 


Kickbutt Walnut Amber Ale 

glass with satire brewing kickbutt walnut

A seasonal motivational amber ale made with real English walnuts and complementing caramel and toffee notes. It’s also a gorgeous color. Prepare to kickbutt like never before! ABV 7.2%. 


Lars Lager 

A Norwegian beer, blonde in color, with full rich flavor. Who is Lars? He listens to ABBA on Spotify, drives a Volvo, plays Minecraft, shops at IKEA, eats meatballs and loves, to stay at ice hotels. ABV 5.24%. 



Other 2021 Satire Denver Beers 

  • Peanut Butter Bourbon Barrel Ball Buster 
  • Pineapple Pussycat Wheat 
  • Imperial Pumpkin Ale 
  • Spring Whiz 
  • Spruce Willis 
  • Summer Whiz 
  • Taco Snatch 
  • Three Wives Peach Ale + Lemonado 
  • U Cran Du It 
  • Van Oak Ale 
  • What A Trip 
  • Bad Girlfriend 
  • 122 Minute IPA 
  • Oh Honey, Oh Honey 
  • American Heroes Honey Ale 
  • Never Ending Summer IPA 
  • Noceno IPA 
  • O’fools Gold 
  • Jack Of 
  • Lager Italia 
  • Love Drive 
  • Cherry On 
  • Colowabo 
  • Dark Insanity 
  • Denver Mint 
  • Down The Chimney 
  • Bad Girlfriend Apricot Belgian Ale 
  • Black Ice 


2022 is going to be a great year. We can’t wait to welcome you for these 10 best Denver beers of 2021, delicious sharable plates from the Loaded Squirrel and – most importantly – a fun and vibrant atmosphere. Also, please tell us about your suggestions for new brews. We love hearing your ideas.  

Thank you for everything! It’s been a fantastic year with SO much more to come!