The holidays are approaching and Just in time for Thanksgiving, try these new unleashes from Satire Brewing guaranteed to warm you up this holiday season.


Double Back Sack Rare Barrel Ale

Since you asked…we received a bourbon barrel from our neighbors Mystic Mountain, which was used for their top-shelf bourbon, named Legend. Then, we aged our barley wine, Old Scrotum, in it and called the creation Legendary Old Scrotum. We returned the barrel back to Mystic, and they made a whiskey called Cask-Mates (amazing) and they aged it in the barrel and then they gave it back to us and we aged a light version of Old Scrotum in it, which we named, Double Back Sack (Sack so you wouldn’t get it confused with Scrotum, however similar concept and double back because this is our second time using that barrel). We could have named it Double Scrotum however many people would have believed it to be a weird birth defect, or enhancement, depending on how you look at it.

If you’re not thoroughly confused yet, just drink the beer and enjoy the complexities of an uncommon one-off ale. You’ll taste one bourbon, one whiskey, and one past, and current beer in this delightful and tastebud scintillating libation. Very rare. Mount your Double Back Sack Attack today! 9.4% ABV.


Chococoffeemon PB

The latest evolution in our Pokemon stout series, chocolate tastebud attack, coffee flow technique, peanut butter background diversion. 6.55% ABV.

Comments on this beer:

  • “It sucks” Pikachu
  • “It sucks” Charmander
  • “It sucks” Jigglepuff


Loaded Squirell Unleash: Sweet Pumpkin Things

A seasonal dessert to go nuts over. Sumptuous pumpkin goo blended with delectable pie spice, swirled-in cream cheese, and put to bed in grandma’s savory fresh bread. Baked to light brown perfection. Ooooooohhhhhh! Aaaahhhhh! A special taste of the season. Your taste buds will never be the same. Pairs well with beer!


Beer and Pumpkin Things Recommendations

The High Pumpkin

Highline Canal IPA aka “High Can IPA” and the Pumpkin Things. The dank, earthy and slightly bitter taste counterbalances the sweetness of the Sweet Pumpkin Things in amazing fashion.

Pumpkin Overload

Jackof Imperial Pumpkin Ale and the Pumpkin Things. Sweet on sweet and pumpkin on pumpkin. Wow!

Coff This Up

Any of our seasonal coffee stouts with the Pumpkin Things. Slightly bitter coffee, and chocolate, in these beers, offset the sweetness in the desert.

Join us this month and next for delectable seasonal pairings, plus holiday creations you’ll love.