Thanksgiving never tasted so good. Try these recipes for delicious beer-infused Thanksgiving apps, entrees, and desserts! We all deserve a little something special at our holiday table. These dishes are just the thing!

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Malt Beer Brined Turkey with Malt Glaze

What’s Thanksgiving without a malt beer-brined turkey?! Follow this recipe for a tender and delicious turkey flavored with your favorite seasonal malt. Keeping in mind, while this recipe is relatively simple, expect at least a 48-hour soak time to ensure optimal flavor.


Beer Cheese Stuffing

A perfect blend of cheesy, bacony, goodness, this stuffing from Delish compliments just about any Turkey recipe. It takes only 25 minutes to prepare and bakes alone, so you can actually enjoy it on any occasion, not just Thanksgiving. it’s not too heavy either. The beer nicely cuts the richness of the bacon and cheddar.


Beer Mashed Potatoes

These beer-infused mashed potatoes could not be better suited for Thanksgiving. We recommend selecting a well-balanced beer or one on the maltier side. Try ales like American wheat, English pale, malty amber ales, or Belgian golden/strong ales. Remember, the aim is not to make the potatoes taste like beer. Rather, it’s to enhance their flavor with delicious beers and infuse the dish with deep flavor.


Beer-battered Green Beans

A yummy twist on classic green bean casserole, these beer-battered fried green beans from The Chunky Chef make for a delicious appetizer or accompaniment at any Thanksgiving Day meal. Pair them with homemade wasabi mayo for an especially delectable holiday appetizer or accompaniment.


Holiday Beer Infused Cranberry Sauce

This recipe calls for a German hefeweizen. The tartness of the cranberries pairs perfectly with this style of beer, but other brews will work as well. Add a little fresh-squeezed orange juice and few orange peels and you’ll have a classic Thanksgiving side everybody will love.


Brown Ale Pumpkin Pie Bars

We think these pumpkin beer-inspired bars are irresistible (whether you’re a beer lover or not). You can use pumpkin beer, but we recommend intensifying your pumpkin purée with the caramel flavors of a brown ale. Those bold, sweet, flavors sure pack a punch and provide the oomph these little bars need.


Cheddar Beer Crust Apple Pie

If you’re lucky enough to live near apple orchards this time of year, get out these, pick some apples and get baking. This crust is everything. Apple and cheese is a common pairing, but not many people venture out into the dessert realm. Think baked cheesy crust with warm, lager-soaked apple filling.

We’ve got brews perfect for each one of these recipes. Bring your growler or – whatever – we’ll put beer in just about anything.