Who doesn’t love the fall?! Cool crisp air…pumpkin-spiced lattes…bright red and orange leaves on the trees. It’s a gorgeous time of year in Colorado. Of course, cool autumn nights (and days) are perfect for drinking beers together with friends. So, join us this October at Satire. We’re always rolling out delicious new brews and food for you to enjoy.


New Brews

We love rolling out new Colorado brews for all to enjoy and fall is an especially fun season in which to do that.


Sweet Child O’Mine Double IPA

Blended with an array of 6 different hops from New Zealand, Germany and the U.S. For parents, they are a sweet child…at least until they become a teenager. That’s why we make this for you at over 8%. “She takes me away to that special place…oh sweet child o’ mine”


Pump Me Baby

Promiscuous imperial pumpkin ale, scintillating aroma, savory spices and authentic pumpkin. Not your everyday pumpkin ale. Just yell “Pump Me Baby” and we will be overjoyed to get one for you. Everyone else listening will think you are a perv.


Little Wanker

Lovely Light British summer ale, all things English make this a superior beer. What is a “wanker”? “One who wanks” ~Wikipedia. Wank one down and enjoy ole chap, bloody good!


Also New This Season are Satire Signature Schlongs!

A sizeable gourmet Italian sausage (most men will claim it is 12 inches, however, most women will verify it is six inches), covered with bacon, green peppers, and American cheese, then wrapped in our light fresh hand-rolled bread and overlaid with melted Havarti. Three versions available:

Done Me Wrong Schlong

Well it is Italian ya know, mild Italian sausage seasoned expertly.

Don’t Belong Schlong

For those that don’t fit in, honey-chipotle, zesty, with a lick of heat. So good it is socially unacceptable.

Hot Schlong

Jalapeno chorizo, provocative, fiery and spicy. It’s hard to pass on a hot schlong.


Squirrel Bites

Don’t forget to try our other signature sharing dish, the Loaded Squirrel. We offer many variations – take a look at our menu and options below.

The Flying Squirrel

Pig’s butt (Ham) and cheese

The Boulder Squirrel

Mushroom, cabbage, bell pepper, onion, and cheese.

Guido the Squirrel

Belfiore spicy sausage, bell peppers, onions, cheese

At Satire, we’ll all about great beer, great food, and great times with friends and neighbors. Visit us this October for these awesome new brews and so much more. We look forward to welcoming you soon.