Fall in Colorado is approaching, that’s clear. We don’t like the recent weather shift either but, don’t worry, we’ve got the PERFECT beers for you to enjoy in the wake of cooler weather. What are the best fall beers in Thornton?

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Fall Wiz

A crisp, dry, Pilsner with a dab of rye for the season, Fall Wiz is the sometimes you just have to go…feel the cool breeze on your skin, hear the crackling of leaves under your feet, and take in the taste of fall.


1305 William Wallace Scottish Ale

Originally named William Wallace, now named for the year he died, 1305 William Wallace Scottish Ale is massive, lush, and violently hopped. It’ll have you shouting FREEDOM! by the end of the night.


Black Ice

Dark, sleek, and smooth. Black Ice goes down all too easy. Just like black ice on the road, it can get you going sideways in a hurry. Not that we know, just heard.


Big Mincoha IPA

Mahogany color, semisweet, and loaded with six hops, plus a whammy of Citra and Simcoe. Legend has it there were several sightings of a Big Minocha in Colorado, and even more along the plains of Kansas. Rarely seen but has an unquenchable thirst for good IPAs.


Pancho Stout

Pancho Stout is infused with bold, nutty, dry Mexican coffee. Plus, it’s enriched with chocolate for an especially luscious stout. Pancho Villa, Mexican revolutionary, and his men grew tired of drinking Coronas and Pacificos, so they switched to this rich ale…as far as you know.

growler of Pancho beer with chocolate bar and sombrero


Crispy Crem…ation Stout

Creamy smooth roasted stout with a splash of spice coffee. No doughnuts. A toast (get it… read on) to our mortuary neighbors to the west who also have a crematorium (thus the roast).


Jacckof Imperial Pumpkin Ale

Jacckof Imperial Pumpkin Ale is luscious and dark with real pumpkin spice. It may inspire you to do things you used to with the heartthrob poster as a youth. Please keep your hands above the table while drinking and do not lock the bathroom door. Self-indulgence at its best.


The Denver Mint

A smooth chocolate, mint and coffee stout, The Denver Minit is the first beer in the Colorado currency system of trading beer for goods and services. Simply take a growler to your favorite store and let us know how it goes. Bitcoin is a fad, beer is here to stay. Trade you this beer for your car, or $8.

growler and glass of Denver mint beer with peppermints


U Cran Du It

Fresh cranberry ale made with German Dusseldorf yeast, AKA Cran Du. Don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t because you are good enough and smart enough and you cran du it!

Join us for the best fall beers in Thornton. We’re always experimenting and changing the Satire beer menu, so stop in see what we’re serving up this season.