New Denver Beers at Satire.

We’re at it again. We’ve been in the kitchen whipping up delicious brews for our friends to enjoy. What’s your favorite? We’d love to hear from you – don’t forget to let us know on Facebook!

Welcoming back and Introducing some very delicious Satire brews.


Pancho Stout

This lush stout combines the flavors of bold, nutty, and dry Mexican coffee with decadent chocolate. Pancho Villa, Mexican revolutionary, and his men grew tired of drinking Coronas and Pacificos, so they switched to this rich ale…as far as you know. 7.6%

Here’s what fans think:

“Powerful yet placid. Bold yet smooth. Starts with the fresh nuttiness of the Mexican coffee and then finishes with a lingering brilliance of soft chocolate. Amazing” Jose Cerveza, Distinguished Central American beer judge and author.

“They should build a wall so we don’t have to drink this stuff”
Margarita Rodriguez, The Top Shelf Times

“Run to the border, this stuff is excellent!”
Pedro Martinez, Occasional Beer drinker

“Don’t drink the water” American Tourist


Noceno IPA

Part of our Erection series of IPA’s. *Erect – to build or construct. We are very excited about this one, IPA fans, and you will be too! A North Central Colorado-style IPA, straightforward and no frills. It’s abundantly hopped with five different hops, citrus, and pine. Dedicated to the hard-working people of this region. It’s about time we had our own style! 6.4%



Kahludicrous is a rich, smooth, stout made with a secret Kahlua-based recipe from a friend of Satire. Dark chocolate, coffee, and vanilla. It’s ludicrously delicious! May turn you into a Kahlunatic. 7.8%

The Kahludicrous Rhapsody

“Dessert in a glass, doesn’t taste like ass

This keg will come to pass as many will drink fast, So raise your glass, It’s tough to surpass,

And don’t you harass, or get crass, if they run dry Better than grass and you can still get high, Normally reserved for top brass, It’s first

class, Goes good with bass, gives it some sass,

Not really but it did rhyme, Kuhlua stout is prime, Grab it before it’s time, this rap is a crime,

See ya soon says the Satire Buffoon”, –  Anonymous Beer Rapper


Bee Sting Bacon

Honey roasted bacon with a sting of cayenne pepper heat.

“Pairs well with every beer but especially IPAs and clean ales or lagers”, Satire insider

“It’s amazing and addictive. Like sex in bacon”, Dr. Ruth

“We are riding the bus to flavortown! This money!! Washes down well with a cold swill.”


Join us this month at Satire for these new Denver beers and much more. If you love original flavors, Satire is for you. We’ve got the best nano-brew in Denver. Try our new flavors and remember we’re always changing things up. This is just a sample of our beers. Ask your server for a complete list of today’s available brews.