The best spring beer in Colorado. 

Ahh, the flavors of spring. Delicate and creative, seasonable brews from our Denver micro-brewery are perfect for your favorite warm-weather activities like mowing the lawn, planting shrubs, and grilling in the backyard. Most of us are spending an awful lot of time at home this spring. These Denver beers are perfect for passing the hours and enjoying some extra downtime.  


Honey Wo Wo 

Honey Wo Wo is a Belgian style beer made with fruity Belgium yeast. Brewed with Clark’s Honey (made by Southern California bees that feed on orange blossoms), this beer is big in both flavor and alcohol content. Coming in at 10.2%, we added 50% more honey and aged it on whiskey oak from our neighbor’s next door, Mystic Mountain. This adds a smooth woody oak taste. This brew is perfect for forgetting the COVID-19 epidemic and drifting off to your own world. Big, gentle, and powerful at the same time, it will be too much for some, but for the right person, it is quite delectable. 


Black Ice 

Black ice is a smooth dark ale that is not technically a stout, nor a porter, but more a black lager that uses ale yeast. It’s a favorite homebrew recipe that includes several dark roasted malts to give it an ebony color and add rich flavor. The name Black Ice comes from the dangerous unseen pavement ice that will send you and your car spinning. Fun if you don’t crash. This beer is like that. It goes down so easy you can have a few too many and end up spinning. We typically brew Black Ice between 5-6% but our latest batch is closer to 7%. Aged in Mystic Mountain bourbon barrels, the aging process adds depth and complexity to an already good beer.   


Blue Barry Manalow (coming soon) 

A one-day release on Mother’s Day 2020 – we’ll release it again but won’t tell you when. This big blueberry beer has a big nose of blueberry aroma and a refreshing tartness that only real blueberries can deliver. We upped our normal fruit dosage to give it an extra wallop of flavor. Springtime is blueberry time! No matter where you enjoy this yummy beer, you’ll be singing I Can’t Smile Without You! 5.24% 


There you have it. The best spring beer in Colorado. We’re still offering our homebrews in 64 oz Satire growlers. Or we can fill your own container after sanitizing it. We’ll try to make just about anything work. 12 oz, 16 oz, 32 oz, 64 oz, 128 oz? We’re happy to fill any size you have or want. 

Remember, we continue to follow a rigorous protocol when it comes to sanitation and protecting your health. Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow, nor VIRUS can stop us from getting you the refreshment you deserve! Tough times never last but good people, food, and beer do. Happy spring!