Order Cinco de Mayo Beer and Snacks in Denver.

Cinco de Mayo marks the day the Mexican Army kicked the sh!t out of the French Empire in 1862. Today, it’s one of America’s favorite excuses to party. No need to let this holiday pass you by solamente because you’re in quarantine. Grabs some brews, call up your friends on Zoom, and celebrate Cinco de Mayo like a champ. Visit our Thornton, CO brewery for takeout and delivery.


Storm E Daniels IPA

She’s not afraid of a little virus. She’s back and hotter than ever. Naughty wet IPA with citrus hops. Tapped out a few months ago, she returned for a personal session with you. Enjoy! 6.55%


Old Dawgs 55 Hump-a-Leg

Smooth, a smidge schweet, with a few woodsy hops. You’ve probably had a guest visit and been astonished to see your faithful companion going to town on their leg with a look of determination. Maybe as we get older, we don’t know or care what we hump. 6.8%


New Release: The Return of Wallace 1305

An angry Scottish ale that is massively malty, wicked smooth, and violently hopped. Originally called William Wallace from our homebrewing roots many years ago but the name was commercially taken so we went with the year he died. Best to drink while wearing blue face paint. Warning it may lead you into mooning people and enticing them into battle. It will have you shouting “freedom!!” by night’s end. 8.12%

You’ve got your beer. Now what?

Live it up! Cinco de Mayo zoom parties require a little prep work, but nothing you can’t do about 30 minutes plus the time it takes to order Cinco de mayo beer and snacks from Satire.


Get in the mood.

Get creative and make your own Cinco de Mayo steamers, posters – whatever – with items found around the house. All you need is some paper, scissors, glue, and markers to get started.


Order Cinco de Mayo Beer and Snacks in Denver.

It’s not a party without delicious party snacks. Try our new schlongs. Schlongs aren’t traditional Mexican fare but they’re just as tasty.

The Schlong

A sizeable gourmet Italian sausage (most guys will claim it is 12 inches and most women will verify it’s 6 inches), covered in bacon, green peppers, and American cheese, then wrapped in our light, fresh, hand-rolled bread and overlaid with melted Havarti cheese. Holy Schnikees Tommy Boy! Plus, it comes in three variations of sausage. Take your pick.

Done me Wrong Schlong

Well, it’s Italian ya know, mild Italian sausage seasoned expertly.

Don’t Belong Schlong

For those that don’t fit in (no pun intended) honey chipotle, zesty with a lick of heat. So good it is socially unacceptable.

Hot Schlong

Ooohhhh, jalapeno chorizo, provocative, fiery, and spicy. It’s hard to pass on a hot schlong.


Invite your friends to party on Zoom.

You’ve got decorations, awesome beer, Cinco de Mayo eats from the Loaded Squirrel, and a sombrero (hopefully). Now, what? Invite your friends “over” for a kick-@ss Cinco de Mayo party. If we’ve learned anything in quarantine, it’s that you don’t need an in-person get together to have an AMAZING fun time. All you need is Cinco de mayo beer deals in Denver.

We’re following the highest protocol when it comes to sanitation and protecting your health. We’ll continue to offer you fun, food, beer, and great service during this difficult time. Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow, nor VIRUS can stop us from getting you the refreshment you deserve! Tough times never last but good people, food, and beer do.