Road Races in Thornton CO: Leap Day 5K

Calling all runners and beer lovers in Metro Denver! In five three days Thornton will host The Leap Day 5K. Celebrate Leap Day with a 3.5-mile run followed by good times with friends and, of course, excellent beer at our nano-brewery in Thornton, CO.

Are you or someone you know a “Leaper” (that’s someone born on Leap Day)? You’re in luck! All leapers race for free! Just show up with a valid photo idea to confirm your Leaper status. Leap Day won’t fall on a weekend again for a long time so don’t miss your chance to participate in this fun race!

The Leap Day 5K charity partner is Food for Hope. Food for Hope delivers food to hungry children in Adams County. At this race, there are two ways you can help. Donate online or bring in-kind food donations for a chance to win a raffle prize! Either way, your generous donations will go directly to local Adams County children in need.


Food for Hope Programs Include…

Weekend Food Bags

Every week, volunteers meet to assemble bags of nutritious food for each child enrolled in the elementary school program. Bags include a vegetable (canned or fresh), fruit (canned or fresh), whole grains, protein items, and two breakfasts/snacks. Volunteers deliver bags to participating schools on Thursday of each week where they’re distributed before children leave for the weekend.


School Fuel

School snacks help students to maintain focus, keep their energy up, and find success in class. Many teachers have reported the use of personal finances to purchase extra snacks for their students who are not able to bring any from home. Food for Hope created this program to provide school day snacks and alleviate the financial burden from teachers.


Northglenn High Food Bank

Northglenn High Food Bank provides groceries for school students, as well as for any Adams 12 school district families who need extra support.


There’s no better way to spend the weekend in Thornton than by running a race, supporting a charity, and spending time with friends while enjoying great beer. After the race is over, visit us at Satire. We offer delicious craft nano-brews that taste great. Stop in this Leap Day.

Here’s a preview our (ever-changing) Colorado nano-beer menu:


AMBER ALERT | 7.8% | $7.00

A malty, rich, amber ale. You can almost hear the sound beep… beep… beep. Named by the owner’s youngest daughter whose name is not Amber.


SWEET PEDER | 4.7% | $6.00

An authentic American made German lager with Norwegian spelling. Sweet and soft. We can’t wait for you to taste our Sweet Peder!


HONEY DU | 6.8% | $7.00

Local wildflower honey combined with yeast from Dusseldorf (so Du). Just let your partner know you are busy doing “Honey Du’s”.


BIG MINOCHA IPA | 8.38% | $8.00

Mahogany color, semisweet and loaded with six hops, finished with Citra and Simcoe. Perfect for those with an unquenchable thirst for good IPAs.


Join us this weekend and support a great cause at one of the most anticipated road races in Thornton, CO. We look forward to welcoming you this Leap Day!