Updated on November 1, 2022.

Coming to you straight from the spectacular Satire media team, we’re excited to share our 2022 Shocktober film special, “THE THIRSTY Dead”, plus new beers for the Halloween and Harvest seasons. Let’s start with the beers. 


Halloween in Thornton CO: Satire Shocktobe 2022

Jackof Imperial Pumpkin Ale

Our late-season pumpkin ale, Jack of Lantern. Saved the best for last! May inspire you to do things like you used to do with your heartthrob poster as a youth. Please keep your hands above the table while drinking. Self-indulgence at its best. 9.2% ABV.


Sweet Cheeks

Creamy sweet porter with tastes of coffee, chocolate, and vanilla. Oh, baby, I love your Sweet Cheeks. Bottoms up! 4% ABV. 


Pump A Lot 

Not a “wow” pumpkin beer but an easy-to-drink, knock-a-few-back, pumpkin beer with real pumpkin and light spice. Whether you pump a lot of weights, ass, breast milk, or whatever, cheers! 5% ABV.


Satire Shocktober Film 2022: “THE THIRSTY DEAD”

A new Satire Comedy Sketch Premier! (“TWO VAMPIRES WALK INTO A BAR”). Video and more info coming soon.


Halloween in Thornton CO: Satire Shocktober 2021

New Fall Beers at Satire Brewing 

Torosaurus IPA

Named after a rare set of dinosaur bones found here in Thornton. This dinosaur is a close relative to the triceratops, so we use three hops to symbolize the three horns. Beware, could make you horny (little dino humor). 6.5% ABV.


Dark Insanity 

A frightening version of our Raisin of Insanity Belgian Ale aged in a 30-year-old Remy Martin cognac barrel that Mystic Mountain aged their top-shelf bourbon in for two years. Palate-stimulating insanity with the complexity of raisins, cognac, bourbon, and oak. A promiscuous threesome of spirits, wine, and beer in one. 12.7% ABV.


Satire Shocktober Film 2021: “SAW: INTOXIFY” 

Watch Saw: Intoxify on Facebook.

Satire is proud to present our biggest project to date! “SAW: INTOXIFY” – A fan film celebrating the SAW franchise and aiming to put us all in the gory Halloween spirit! Previewed for the first time at our first Shocktober event.  

Our Halloween Shocktober screening was a hit. The turnout was fantastic, the costumes even more so. Showing a live audience a film is always a treat and an awesome way to get feedback as viewers laugh, cringe, and move into silence.  

One of the best and worst compliments we received was, “so why did you just play a scene from the movie?” Maybe we did our job a little too well! To clarify, this was all original content. From the script and performances to the shots, editing, sound, and music. It was all created by us.  

Please like our film on Facebook, comment, and share if it makes you laugh OR cry (in fear). We’d love your feedback! 

At Satire, we believe in working hard, making things we’re proud of, and having a lot of fun. We hope all three shine through. To our outstanding customers, thank you for everything. Without you, we could never make these dreams come true. 

Special thanks and credits: 

  • Todd Waufle – For allowing us to take a risk and make something we’re incredibly proud of.  
  • Micah Groenevelt – Writing, directing, and assembling the whole project. 
  • Austin Preister – Prosthetics, set design, torture chair. 
  • Omid Harrison – A stellar performance! 
  • Jeffrey Carabelos – Phenomenal score! 
  • A special thanks go to Stacey Waufle, Justin Paul, Catrina Jade, James Ward, and Jeremiah Green. 

Try our special release beer for the film – get it while you can! 

We look forward to welcoming you this fall and winter. Visit us at one or both of our Thornton locations.

Originally published November 1, 2021.