What’s new at Satire? This February we’re cooking up a number of special projects. Read on to learn more about our new comic strip, popular February beers, and a very special event coming up on February 17.  


NEW Satire Brewing Comic Strip 

Introducing At the Bar, a new comic by Satire Brewing. We’ll serve up a new edition the 1st of every month. Best of all? Characters are based on your favorite Satire brews. In this edition, Raspberry Racoon takes his best shot at impressing Bad Girlfriend. Take a look. 

*Raspberry Raccoon is always on tap and Bad Girlfriend returns this summer. 


Popular February Satire Beers 

February is the month of love so celebrate with rich and full-bodied Satire beers that titillate the senses. 

Raspberry Racoon  

A big version of our popular raspberry ale named after a raccoon in our backyard. Warning it may seem harmless, but it’s big. Kind of like the movie ELF with a raccoon “Does someone need a hug?”. ABV 10.4%. 


Love Drive Chocolate Raspberry Stout  

We tested flavors and ingredients for over a year to ignite that burning flame. With our precise recipe, Love Drive will spark deep feelings, increased confidence, and sex drive (warning effects may last longer than 4 hours). Instances of improved marriages, divorcees back together (and in some cases divorced again), and people who could not find love now having multiple relationships with strangers, have been reported. ABV 7.3%.  


Cherry On 

A full-bodied Belgian ale aged on sweet and tart cherries. No popping this cherry, we only serve it on draft. No matter what, Cherry On! ABV 9.57%. 


Adopt a Student Day with Food for Hope 

Don’t forget this weekend, on February 17, we’re hosting Food for Hope for Adopt a Student Day. Food for Hope assists the thousands of children in Adams County who receive little to nothing to eat when they are not at school. Please join us to learn more about or show your support for Food for Hope and enjoy a delicious snack or beverage. 10% of event sales will go directly to Food for Hope.  


Online Satire Store Open for Business  

You may have heard the Satire Brewing online store is open for business. Place food and drink orders, purchase gift cards, and buy Satire merchandise.  


There you have it. Just a few February highlights for Satire this month. Swing by for delicious craft beer, yummy Squirrel food, and lots of fun. Every day we work hard to perfect our recipes, improve our flavors, and above all have fun with guests.