At Satire Brewing, every beer is unique. Those familiar with our brewery know that we’re always experimenting and trying new things. Last month we highlighted some of our newest concoctions now on tap like:

Old Chosky – 11.2%

Don’t worry – it’s not a penis reference or Polish joke, just a barrel-aged stout. Very strong, very bold. Ask your liquid therapist to bring you a report before ordering. Buyer beware.

He’s Easy – 4.2%

A light Amber ale with notes of soft caramel and chocolate. A reminder that all guys aren’t easy, there are few respectable men out there with class…and they’re not just ugly.

Bad Girlfriend – ABV 9.17%

A lush apricot Belgian that draws you in like a bad relationship. For those that live recklessly and go back even though they know they shouldn’t.

Mint Kahkudicrous – ABV 7.8%

A rich and smooth stout made with a secret Kahlua-based recipe. Heavy with chocolate, coffee, mint, and vanilla flavors. It’s intensely delicious and may turn you into a Kahluaholic.

Toasted Monkey – ABV 6%

This wheat beer is perhaps a mutated version of our popular German Hefeweizen, Monkey Spank, with an exceptional scintillating taste. Banana, clove, and toasted wheat. Get your thrills without a spank today.

Now, about Monkey Snatch. We’d like to give you a behind-the-scenes sneak peek of the beer-making process, with Satire founder, Todd. Monkey snatch is one of our favorite beers on tap.

Here’s what Todd has to say about Monkey Snatch.


Monkey Snatch

“…Monkey Snatch. I know it sounds like some kind of weird you know animal p***, but actually, it’s a new tasty beer we’ve got here at Satire Brewing Company. We play around back here a bit. We have these nice green chilies and we put them in our beer we call Snatch. And then we’ve also got a beer, it’s one of our most popular beers, it’s called Monkey Spank. it’s a traditional German Hefeweizen. We call it Monkey because it’s got the banana notes, it’s got the clove notes, it’s cloudy, it’s just got all the things you want in a traditional German Hefeweizen. So, we came up with the idea to take our Monkey Spank and combine it with our Snatch Green Chili beer and we call it Monkey Snatch. It is an amazing beer. It combined really well with the heat of the chilies. It finishes a little hot, starts a little sweet, and I’ve never had another beer like it. We love it and it’s going really well off the tap right now.”

Satire Brewing Company is the Denver Area’s best brewery. With new brews on tap every week, and friendly service, we’re the go-to brewery for great times with friends. Everyone is welcome all the time. Take a look at our sample beer menu as well as our sharable plates menu from our kitchen, The Loaded Squirrel. We look forward to welcoming you soon.