New Denver craft beers Spring 2021.

Who are we? Who are you? It doesn’t matter to us. At Satire, you’re welcome.

As the unofficial watering hole of adventurers, jokers, hipsters, and goons (plus everything in between), all are encouraged to enjoy our delicious craft brews, and maybe make a friend or two. While our menu does change a little every day, there are several beers we routinely keep on tap – you know, the regulars.

New(ish) “regular” brews are listed below, starting with our Irish ale! Get ready for St. Patty’s Day!


Satire Beers Spring 2021

New brews now on-tap at Satire.

McLovin’s Red – ABV 5.5%

Casually smokey and roasty with an abundance of maltiness. Based on John McLovin’s historical Irish Red recipe from the 1800s. Or just made up with a funny name from Superbad. It’s hard to just have one.

Nocenco IPA – ABV 5.5%

North Central Colorado-style IPA. And yes, we know it isn’t an ancient civilization in South America. But it does certainly sound like one. Dedicated to the hard-working people of this region. About time we had our own style.

Monkey Snatch – ABV 4.5%

A wild combination of two of our most popular beers. Monkey Spank: a German Hefeweizen with banana and clove notes, and Snatch: our hatch green chile beer. Heat and sweet! And you were thinking some kind of weird monkey porn. Shame on you!

Cherry On – ABV 9.57%

A full-bodied Belgian ale aged on sweet and tart cherries. No popping this cherry, we only serve it on draft. No matter what, Cherry on.

Old Chosky – 11.2%

Not a penis reference or Polish joke but a barrel-aged stout. Strong and bold. Ask your liquid therapist to bring you a report before ordering. Buyer beware.

He’s Easy – 4.2%

Light Amber, soft caramel, and chocolate. All guys aren’t easy, there are few respectable men out there with class…and, they aren’t just ugly.

Bad Girlfriend – ABV 9.17%

A lush apricot Belgian that draws you in like a bad relationship. For those that live recklessly and keep going back when you know you shouldn’t.

Toasted Monkey – ABV 6%

Wheat beer, a mutated version of our popular German Hefeweizen, Monkey Spank. Scintillating taste. Banana, clove, and toasted wheat. Get your thrills without a spank today.

Mint Kahkudicrous – ABV 7.8%

Rich, smooth stout made with secret Kahlua base recipe from a friend of Satire. Chocolate, coffee, mint, and vanilla. It’s ludicrously delicious. May turn you into a Kahluaholic.



Don’t forget our kitchen, The Loaded Squirrel, serves up delicious sharable plates all day long. Perfect for splitting with new friends. Ask about our Sunday Brunch options. We’ve got bacon, we’ve got eggs, and we’ve got gravy. You can’t go wrong with a cinnamon roll and a stout on a Sunday afternoon.

Visit Satire for these delicious beers, snacks, and much more. Open Tuesday through Sunday in Thornton, CO. Join us TODAY for some much-needed fun.