Denver Saint Patrick’s Day Beers at Satire

This Saint Paddy’s Day, celebrate the luck of the Irish at Satire Brewing. Visit us for magically delicious craft brews in honor of good old Saint Patrick.

According to autobiographical records, Saint. Patrick was captured by Irish pirates at the age of 16 and taken as a slave to Irland. He lived there for six years before he escaped and returned home to Britain. Later in life, he served as a Bishop, we don’t know where, but by the 7th century he was revered as the patron saint of Ireland.

Legends of St. Patrick credit him with teaching the Irish about the Holy Trinity using shamrocks, banishing snakes from the emerald isle, and spawning whole forests with his walking stick.

Those are certainly feats to celebrate. That’s why we’re looking forward to welcoming you this year at Satire. Beers on tap change by the day, and you never know what we’ll unleash, but here’s a peek at some new releases and descriptions from years past:


2019: Irish Caramel Coffee: ICC

Coffee, caramel, and chocolate ale aged on Mystic Mountain Whiskey oak. The perfect drink to enjoy the Irish holiday and pretend you are a leprechaun sitting on a pot of gold in your green undies. So stop on by, but please no green undies unless…never mind. Or grab a growler to go and share with friends!


2020: Legendary Black Ice

Our classic rich black ale aged in a fresh Mystic Mountain Legend Bourbon oak barrel. “Guinness on steroids with ridiculous oak and bourbon flavor.” It is the perfect St. Pat’s beer!


2020: McLovin’s Red

Caramelly smooth slightly roasty, slightly smoky ale. John Mclovin’s 15th-century Irish recipe from Dublin brought to 2020. Folklore has it he was ready to lose his farm to unpaid taxes, so he served his secret family ale to tax collectors and they loved it so much they counted his debt paid. That’s why we say it’s…superbad!


Often on-tap available (and appropriate) for holiday Saint Paddy’s Day celebrations:

O’ Fool’s Gold

Refreshing light Belgian style golden ale, our first gold medal beer we won at the Intergalactic Beer Festival in Brussels last year. Yuk, yuk, yuk.


Denver Mint

Smooth chocolate, mint, and coffee stout. Named because it is the first beer in the Colorado currency system of trading beer for goods and services. Simply take a growler to your favorite store and let us know how it goes. Bitcoin is a fad, beer is here to stay. Trade you this beer for your car, or $8.

So, put on your leprechaun hats and get ready to party. Stay tuned for details about Denver Saint Patrick’s Day beers, new unleashes, and more. Plus, remember, while things do warm up around here in March, we’ve got tower heaters, fire pits, and new wood pellet heaters! No more chilly nights on the patio!