Denver Brewpub Open for 4th of July

7/1/2020 Update: Satire Brewing Company is STILL open. We serve both food & drinks, so we are exempt from the new (June 30th) bar closure mandate. We have a huge outdoor patio, and plenty of space to spread out safely. Call (720) 275-0667 for beer/food pickup & delivery.

Here we are, all dressed up and no place to go. Sadly, there are no fireworks shows this year. Also, there’s a fire ban throughout most of the state. How are we supposed to celebrate the USA’s birthday without the rockets’ red glare and ‘smores?

Hang with us at Satire! Our outdoor patio is open for business and we’re excited to invite you for an awesome night of 4th July celebrations (socially distanced of course).

As many of you know, our Denver brewpub pub open for 4th of July offers plenty of space to spread out. It’s over 4,000 square feet with a small intimate old-world beer tasting room. We have a large outdoor patio complete with beautiful plants and flowers and a creek nearby. This 4th of July, relax and enjoy the outdoors as you sip our unique custom beer flavors. We serve several styles of beer, from light to dark, low alcohol to high alcohol, hoppy to malty.


Our newest Denver brews are:

Pineapple Pussycat. This light and easy wheat beer boasts the flavors of fresh Colorado mountain-grown pineapples. Bet you never had pussycat like this before. At 4.72% you can pound this pussycat all night long.

Blue Barry Manalow. Named indirectly after an all-time great pop artist, this ale has a big nose of blueberry aroma and a refreshing tartness that only real blueberries can deliver. Whether you’re drinking it at the Copacabana or enjoying it on a Weekend in New England, you’ll be singing I can’t Smile Without You. It’s a Miracle! 5.24%

blueberry manalow beer

O’ Fool’s Gold. A refreshing light Belgian style golden ale, O’ Fool’s gold is our first gold medal beer won at the Intergalactic Beer Festival in Brussels last year. Yuk yuk yuk. 5%

ole' fools gold beer

We promise to bring you good old-fashioned 4th of July fun this year at Satire. While traditional Independence Day celebrations remain on hold, good times are in full swing here. Our number one aim is always to deliver Denver’s best nano-brew, one pint at a time.

Don’t forget to order a bite or two from our Kitchen, The Loaded Squirrel. Our menu includes light and tasty appetizers complete with locally sourced sausages, meats, and produce. Our handcrafted dishes are small, made with fresh ingredients, and perfect for sharing. All our menu items pair exceptionally with our beer.

Our Denver brewpub open for 4th of July is Denver’s best small-batch brewery. Satire is named for the humor and fun all guests experience when they walk through the door. This 4th of July join us for delicious food, awesome beer, and above all – a great time!